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Randy Charach Posts New and Amusing Blog That Examines Whether Ronald McDonald Is Alive or Dead


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Randy Charach, a comedy psychic that has been entertaining appreciative audiences since he was a young boy, has just posted a new blog to his website that asks a very important question: Is Ronald McDonald Dead?

As Randy Charach comedian explains in the blog, he was in a Pilates class not too long ago when he inadvertently revealed to the rest of the class that he had once played the part of the iconic red-haired clown of Golden Arches fame.

As Randy Charach told the women—he reveals in the blog that he’s currently the only guy in the exercise class—he was in his early 20’s when he was approached by the advertising reps for McDonald’s Restaurants to portray Ronald McDonald, probably one of the most recognizable clowns in the world. For the next six years, Randy dressed up as Ronald and, as he notes, managed to keep both his body and his skin in good shape the whole time.

Admitting that he was once the famous fast food clown, Randy Charach comedian noted in his new blog, was met with a lot of enthusiasm and even some good-natured McRibbing from his Pilates pals.

“Ha-Ha-Ha, from now on we’ll call you Ronny! Bring us hamburgers next time; Randy Ronald!” Randy recalls one of the women saying to him with a laugh.

Talking about his time as Ronald caused Randy to start wondering—what had ever happened to the famous hamburger clown?

“It did get me thinking though; is there still a Ronald? Haven’t seen him around for awhile,” Randy wrote in his new blog, adding that when he Googled “Is Ronald McDonald…?” he found some interesting information on Wikipedia and some amusing comments on Yahoo Answers.

“Bottom line – seems as though Ronald is retired. Now, I still do have the complete outfit in my closet though….”

Ronald McDonald may have already hung up his big red shoes, but Randy Charach is as busy as ever. He has been entertaining audiences professionally since he was 17 years old and has performed in well over 5,000 shows. Using a special form of magic known as “Psychic Entertainment” or “Mentalism,” Randy is well-known for his unique style of funny entertainment. Often referred to as the World’s Funniest Psychic, Randy currently performs both in live shows and on television.

About Randy Charac
Randy Charach is a professional entertainer who has performed in over 5,000 shows during the past three decades. Known as a comedy psychic, Randy uses a type of magic called “Mentalism” or “Psychic Entertainment” that is both funny and unique. For more information on Randy Charach, as well as booking and media inquiries, please visit http://randycharach.com