Range Bridal Boutique Web Site Releases Valuable Hints for Australian Consumers


Herndon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- When you buy a wedding dress online from an Australian company you are protected by legislation which means you can get a refund within a reasonable time frame if you are not satisfied with your purchase. If you purchase within Australia from overseas there are limited or no such protections. The cost of freighting an item back from Australia is also prohibitive for a private consumer.

There are also various standards of quality when purchasing a garment from overseas. It is not unusual for items to be advertised as being available in Standard quality and Better quality and the variation in quality even within an individual standard can, if you are lucky, range from excellent to absolutely atrocious. The Net is full of Online Horror Stories and the majority appear to be from people who have purchased from China.

To stay competitive most Australian Companies source goods manufactured in China. Range Bridal does this also but demands a very high standard and are still buying well enough, so that, even with the associated high Australian costs of business to promote and sell product are able to sell a very good product at wholesale pricing.

Very importantly as well, all their wedding dresses are made to measure NOT the closest US size and you then pay for final alterations within Australia which can increase the final dress price dramatically. When you purchase from them online do not be put off with all the measurements. When you place an order online with them they will call you as many times as is needed and spend as much time as you need on the phone to ensure you get a correctly fitting gown.

It is important to note that even when ordering a made to measure dress that minor alterations may still be required if you wish your dress to 'fit like a glove' as they say. In the 8-10 weeks it takes to get a dress made your weight and even your body shape can fluctuate a little. Also different materials may sit or lay a little differently to your expectations depending on your body shape.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress When looking for a wedding dress you might have a style in mind that you have seen but when you try on that style it may not suit you. The same as you will look at a dress hanging on the rack and you might not like the look of it, but when you try it on, it is a completely different look. You need to have an open mind and try on different styles to find the one that suits you. You might like a sweetheart neckline or a neck line that goes straight across or you might want straps.

Their are different shapes of dresses such as mermaid which is very figure hugging down to the thighs, there is A-Line, princess, ball gown, or full skirt. You also need to try on different colours such as white and ivory as some girls find that white is too much against their skin tone, and ivory is a softer colour.

When you have found 'the dress' do not settle for a standard dress size unless you are lucky enough to find a dress that fits like a glove first up. It is better to have it altered to your exact measurements or better still get it made to measure. Do not settle for anything less than a perfect wedding gown.

Storing a Wedding Dress Never store a wedding dress in a plastic container or cover with a plastic bag. Over time, plastic can release chemicals that will cause a white wedding dress to become yellow, and may cause more delicate embellishments to become brittle. Also a wedding dress will sweat in plastic. Carefully fold the wedding dress and place it into a quality acid-free storage box. These are sold specifically as wedding dress storage boxes. They can be purchased from some dry cleaners.

The dress should be wrapped in fabric or acid-free tissue paper to protect it. Store the box in a cool dry place where the heat and humidity are not likely to fluctuate. If storing you dress for a short time before your wedding and you have it hanging, to stop dust and any bugs from getting on it, fold a double sheet in half length wise, sew up one side and across one end so it looks like a big pillow case. Put your dress inside the sheet and fold the bottom of the sheet up. This way your dress can be hung up and nothing will get on it.

Range Bridal is a privately owned Boutique style wholesale venue. We wholesale direct to the public through our Online Store and personally by appointment only in our Boutique Store. We specialise in wholesale wedding dresses made to your measurements and cater for all sizes with a range of elegant plus sizes in stock at all times. To find us online please search wholesale wedding dresses or wedding dresses sunshine coast

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