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Rap Music in Hawaii Makes Noise as Merc Majah Releases "the W" Mixtape

Hosted by DJ Smallz with a track featuring Glasses Malone, King of Hawaii's Rap music scene brings clout to the island as a source of real Hip Hop development. It took 5 bullets for Merc Majah to see the importance of his art.


Waianae, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Rap music is an art tied to its location. Geography tends to define a Rap artist's reputation. Sometimes, the reverse occurs and the Rap artist defines the geography. Merc Majah, King of Hawaii's Rap scene, announces "The W" mixtape hosted by DJ Smallz with a track featuring Glasses Malone.

Born in Waianae, Hawaii, a city which he calls home today, Merc Majah recently commented on the Rap music coming out of Hawaii to the Garden Island newspaper stating, "I really feel like the mainstream rap that’s put on Hawai‘i is a minstrel show. It’s cool to talk about Hawai‘i. I love everything. I mean, I eat poke, I wear slippahs, I talk pidgin — I do all those kinds of stuff. The way rap is presented, it’s like it’s comical. You know? It’s like it’s not taken seriously enough. That’s why I make the kind of music I make."

Describing his influences in both the business and art of Rap music as coming from Jay-Z, Biggie and Tupac, Merc Majah says his style and ambition are both "real", and while given its real estate driven wealth and popularity as high class destination with romantic beaches, Hawaii has another side which makes Merc Majah's personal background not unlike those of Rap music artists coming out of New York, Detroit or LA.

At one time looking up to the Hawaii syndicate known as "La Familia", Merc emulated a lifestyle that twice landed him in jail, and after beating two counts of Aggravated Robbery he was shot 5 times during Superbowl Sunday in 2010. The latter incident took place after the birth of his son and forced Merc to confront his own lifestyle choices. He chose to make "spitting rhymes" his 9-5 instead of putting in work in the streets. He says of this time in his life, “When my son was born, I still had the bandages from my bullet wounds on and knew I needed to make a change."

"The W" is available for download on the website DatPiff: http://www.datpiff.com/Merc-Majah-The-W-mixtape.456501.html

The video "Merc Majah "The W" Mix Tape Promo Drop.." is available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnSjhf5Vtro

About Merc Majah
Merc Majah grew up in Hawaii where he had his first experience creating Hip Hop and Rap music in High School. He spent time refining his art in Houston and New Orleans before returning to his home in Waianae, HI. Recognized as Hawaii's Number 1 Rap artist, Merc Majah is managed by Wild Will.

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