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Rapael Smart Board Is Entering North American Market of Intelligent Rehabilitation


Burlingame, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2017 -- NEOFECT, a CES2017 Innovation Award Honoree, is starting shipments of their new healthtech device RAPAEL Smart Board to hospitals in the United States.

RAPAEL Smart Board is an upper limb rehabilitation machine for patients experiencing hindrances to functional movement due to damage to their shoulder or elbow joints. It will beneficial for stroke, spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, and musculoskeletal disorder victims.

The device features a biofeedback system and the learning schedule algorithm to create customizable rehabilitation solutions. Rapael Smart Board creates engaging environment for patients through series of game-based training tasks. It aims to improve the active joint movement range and control ability. The proprietary software analyzes the user's progress in real time and automatically adjusts the difficulty level to keep them motivated.

At the same time, the device offers a data-based evaluation program which provides vital feedback on the rehabilitation progress. The evaluation objectives include three types of exercises: Conditional Exploration, Point-to-Point Reaching, and Shape Drawing. The first one assesses a visuomotor mapping development and the range of motion. Point-to-Point reaching determines the motor planning ability to accurately reach the target points. Shape Drawing evaluates detailed motor coordination in accordance with real-time sensory feedback. Tracking the results and visualizing the trends through computer graphs helps caregivers design a personalized training plan and improve efficiency of the program.

Currently employed in five hospitals in South Korea, Rapael Smart Board is now available for health care facilities in the United States and starting in June, 2017, will be accessible for use as a part of the home rehabilitation program.

Ho Young Ban, a founder and CEO of NEOFECT, said: "I've founded NEOFECT after seeing first-hand the hardship patients and their families experience when being affected by severe injuries. Our team's mission is to utilize the power of technology to help people around the world by designing engaging, efficient, and affordable rehabilitation solutions. Our flagship product, Rapael Smart Glove, has been widely recognized as a powerful tool for after-stroke therapy in hospitals and at home. Our second device, Rapael Smart Kids, has extended the customer base to include children with developmental handicaps related to central nervous system disorders and muscular nervous system complications. Now, we are proud to present Rapael Smart Board which is created to help patients recover their arm and shoulder mobility."

According to a recently published study, the rehabilitation robot market is expected to grow dramatically to reach $1.8 billion by 2020. While still in early stages, it shows promising results by motivating patients to follow through on therapy routines and stimulating a desire to conquer the disability. At the same time, it provides valuable real-time information to caregivers and allows them to take more proactive, personalized approach, increasing the efficiency of the therapy.

Rapael Smart Board is joining the lineup of the latest health tech innovations designed to advance the rehabilitation process and to improve the quality of life for the patients.

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