Rape Whistle

Rape Whistle - The Perfect Mobile App to Keep Away Rapists and Attackers

Presenting an opportunity to millions of people across the globe with a mobile app, Rape Whistle can be the next big thing that will work as a deterrent to rapists and saving the victim from the assault.


Tahoe, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Rape Whistle is a dedicated mobile app that is being designed and developed to help stop sexual assaults and sexual abuse. This is possible with the help of the many useful features that the app promises to inhibit to deter rapists and even to help catch hold of the culprit. The idea sprouted up from the news of rape and sexual assaults coming from all over the world, ranging from the most developed countries to the least developed towns. In a nutshell, the app will use the flashbulb of the mobile phone to perplex the rapists and take a picture of them that will be instantly forwarded to law enforcement. In order to help the developers actually make this app possible, they have launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com.

The main features of the Rape Whistle mobile app are as follows:-

-The best way to save under aged children against rape
-Lighting the flashbulb of the phone to disorient the attacker
-Takes a picture of the attacker instantaneously
-The picture is sent to law enforcement
-The picture also gets saved on the database of the developers

The funding has few predefined perks that can be used to donate smartly. They include donation of $1 to avail the app for two users, $50 to sponsor an entire high school for up to 500 users, $100 to get the app for an entire school district for 1500 users, $250 for particular community college for 10,000 users, and $500 for an entire university consisting of more than 10,000 users.

The money that the crowd funding campaign will raise shall be handed over to a professional software development firm. The funds are required for the continuous development of the app in order to add new features such as geolocation to inform about the location, stun gun that hooks up with the phone, and so on.

About Rape Whistle
Rape whistle, also known as sexual assault app, is a much-needed app in today’s world where the rape instances have been increasing on a fast pace. The main goal is to get this app in the hands of each and every person under the age of 18. If one cannot donate, they can help spread the word about this app through social media platforms and by clicking on the Indiegogo share tools.

Media Contact:-
Name: Matt Raye
Email Id: mattraye@yahoo.com