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Rapha Dental Centre Providing Basic to Complex Family Dental Care Solutions

Rapha Dental Centre is delivering a wide range of family dental care solutions that include general and basic hygiene services, as well as complex solutions like orthodontics and dental implants.


Prince George, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2019 -- Rapha Dental Centre offers result-oriented family dental care solutions. The clinic maintains a warm and friendly environment in which it treats patients. Rapha Dental Centre has a strong team of dental professionals and friendly office staff committed to applying their dental knowledge and skills in a caring and gentle way. The clinic provides dental hygiene solutions, while it also recommends people to visit a dental clinic once every six months for a dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning.

At a recent medical seminar, the spokesperson of Rapha Dental Centre revealed, "Our professional teeth cleaning involves scaling and root planning to remove bacteria and calcified plaque on the teeth and underneath the gums. Routine cleaning decreases the inflammation of the gum tissue that causes gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Our registered dental hygienists also perform fluoride treatments, offer oral hygiene advice and provide information on different dental treatment options to keep the patient's breath feeling and smelling fresh."

Rapha Dental Centre gives quick appointments to those who want to visit for oral examinations and cleaning, as well as those who need consultation on the type of dental care solutions they require for specific problems. The clinic also provides teeth whitening solutions for people who would like whiter teeth and whose natural colour of teeth is light greyish-yellow. Teeth colour may also darken with age or with staining from smoking or drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks or wine. Thus, Rapha Dental Centre serves those who want a white and bright smile for cosmetic reasons. The clinic even offers custom whitening kits or in-office whitening procedures.

The spokesperson also informed, "At our clinic, patients can seek all basic dental treatments. However, we also perform complex procedures, such as dental implantation. A dental implant is a dental prosthesis that is surgically implanted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. A crown is typically placed on the implant after it has been placed to restore a natural look and functions of chewing and speech. Over time, the stability of the implant is enhanced by one's bone and gum, which will continue to grow around the implant."

For people looking for a dentist in Prince George, Rapha Dental Centre acts as a family dental in Prince George, providing orthodontic treatment for both children and adults. Depending on the age and case presentation, the clinic uses different orthodontic methods to straighten teeth so they look and work better. For young children after the age of 7, if malocclusion is detected early, Rapha Dental Centre goes for interceptive orthodontics by using dental appliances. Else, malocclusion can be corrected using braces or clear aligners if jaw growth is complete.

About Rapha Dental Centre
Rapha Dental Centre is a dentist in Prince George that offers all types of family dental care solutions. The clinic provides dental solutions ranging from dental fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges to tooth extraction, composite restorations, root canal therapy, TMJ pain therapy, and full mouth rehabilitation. Along with experienced dentists, Rapha Dental Centre has a team of specialists like physiotherapists, mandibular specialists and massage therapists to perform a variety of dental care procedures.

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Company : Rapha Dental Centre
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Phone: 250-564-3848
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