Rapid and Reliable Poly Pigs from Pipelinesupplies.com Offers the Ease of Clearing Pipe Lines Without Line Flushing


Centennial, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Rapid and reliable Poly Pigs from pipelinesupplies.com offers the ease of clearing pipe lines without line flushing. The Poly pigs, or the internal pipeline cleaners they stock, are quality products to remove product buildup, foreign matter and loose sediments. The Poly Pigs from their range are quite capable of working on various pipe dimensions from short radius bends, ells, and tees to multi-dimensional piping and reduced port valves.

Blocked or completely choked pipe lines need a rapid yet competent solution to get the pipe lines back to normal working condition. Pipelinesupplies.com provides poly pigs with versatile functionality to clear the pipe line without carrying out the lengthy and laborious process of line flushing.

They offer Poly Pigs in a wide variety of styles from the drying, wiping to scraping ones to accommodate almost any application needs such as oil and gas transmission, municipal, petro chemical, pulp and paper and process piping systems. Poly pigs make it possible to clear out the entire line contents with the pig, whether forward towards the receipt, or backwards to the source tank.

Poly pigs are sent with the help of pig launchers and can work irrespective of the shape or size of the pipe line. With the pipe pigs from their range, one doesn’t have to rely on the conventional method of checking at intervals. They also stock pipe line spheres for line testing and cleaning which is another way to clear pipelines effectively.

About Pipelinesupplies.com
Pipelinesupplies.com is a subsidiary of The Hoff Company which was founded in 1969 to provide products and services to operate and maintain pipeline systems throughout the world. They are a global retailer and supplier of piping systems while also provides related installation and maintenance services. They carry a comprehensive range of Protective Coatings for pipes, Pigs & Pipeline Cleaning products, Pipeline Identification markings, Tools/Gauges / Equipments, Pipeline Rehab and repair materials, municipal utility pipeline products, and pipeline Construction Products. All the products they stock are from top manufacturers like 3M, Plidco, DU-Pont, and Goss.

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