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Rapid Growth in Business Opportunities in Asia Pacific with Google Cloud Platform's Expansion

With Google Cloud Platform’s expansion, developers are encouraged to use it for new apps and innovations, thus, creating growth in business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Google is enhancing its infrastructure with their plans to support companies and organizations in Asia Pacific. This scheme was inspired by the success of Google Cloud Platform built businesses like Angry Birds (Rovio) and Snapchat. Google’s website and developer console will also be available in Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform builds tools for modern applications. It provides a range of storage services allowing easy maintenance and quick access to data. Google APIs and services provides a wide range of functionality for different types of applications. With the easy integration within Cloud Platform, there is no need to build the applications from scratch. And to ensure optimal performance of the services of Google Cloud Platform, Google performs periodic IT support and maintenance.

What are the Benefits of Google Cloud Platform Expansion?

With Google Clout Platform’s expansion, local develops in Asia Pacific can now enjoy enhanced performance and minor latency. Access to a more expansive global network servers will be experienced by developers across the globe.

Google Cloud Platform Success Stories

Rovio (creator of Angry Birds). Rovio utilized Google App Engine when it adapted its mobile apps for web browsers. Google App Engine was able to provide a platform for Rovio in supporting explosive demand and providing robust capabilities to deliver a superior user experience. Developers in Rovio were given more time to focus on improving the games because Google’s platform merely required minimal maintenance. Stefan Hauk, Rovio’s lead server developer for web games proudly mentioned that Google App Engine allows them to launch games very quickly with teams of one or two developers per game because Google manages all the servers.

Snapchat. According to Snapchat’s Co-Founder and CTO Bobby Murphy, building out the infrastructure for Snapchat was such an act of faith. Murphy, who was jubilant about having Google App Engine as a prominent choice in the field of startups, said that “I believe Google is scaling out and I am willing to invest in this platform. I prefer some of the features for Snapchat’s purposes and believe that when it comes to scale, Google could offer more that Amazon Web Services could offer for my application”.

Applibot. The Japanese game innovator Applibot is an early adopter of Google Cloud Platform in Asia Pacific and is now using the platform on a large scale for building and deploying mobile games around the world. Google Cloud Platform was a big part of their success as a company as evident in the millions of downloads on Google Play and iTunes. Server maintenance or the provision of new hardware to serve millions of potential users once the latest game has been launched are no longer part of the worry-list of Applibot because of how the platform provides smooth scale for them. Their team of developers can greatly focus on doing what they do best. And that is creating games.

The explain plan in Asia Pacific was announced by Howard Wu, head of Asia Pacific marketing for Google Cloud Platform. "Today we switched on support for Compute Engine zones in Asia Pacific, as well as deploying Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL,” proudly said Wu as he detailed how they conceptualize the Google Cloud Platform expansion in line with their increasing investment in the region and their commitment to developers all over the world.

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