Rapid Training by Fishbowl Inventory Proved Perfect for Roll Forming Mike Manufacturing

Rapid Training by Fishbowl Inventory Proved Perfect for Roll Forming Mike Manufacturing


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Mike Manufacturing has been serving customers in the Roll Forming business for over forty years. Centrally located in the Detroit Metro area, the firm’s core competencies encompasses all of the necessary disciplines in production roll forming.

At Software Advice, Paula with Mike Manufacturing shared, “I have been using Fishbowl Inventory for about six years. Before we started using Fishbowl, we tracked inventory using pen and paper. We also use Quickbooks, and had been looking for an Inventory system compatible with Quickbooks. We came across Fishbowl and thought we would give it a try. I was trained over the telephone for three days, about two hours a day. The person who trained me was so very helpful. I was sure that I would not be able to learn how to use the inventory system over the phone - but to my surprise, they made it so easy for me to understand. I sailed right though the training.”

Paula noted that the support staff at Fishbowl is very knowledgeable and so helpful adding, “Fishbowl Inventory is very user-friendly as well. Trust me - I am not a computer person - so if I can learn how to use Fishbowl, then anyone can. “

Fishbowl Inventory ( is the most requested inventory management solution for seamless integration with QuickBooks, and is a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises looking to track assets. For users of QuickBooks it provides the same advanced features, flexibility, and mobile management control larger organizations require.

QuickBooks owns an estimated seventy-eight (78%) percent of the accounting software market. Analysts estimate there are more than 7.1 million copies of QuickBooks in use. By conservative estimates, more than forty (40%) percent of these organizations directly need or could strongly benefit from inventory control.

About Fishbowl Inventory
Fishbowl Inventory has been the most frequently requested inventory solution for QuickBooks users for more than a decade. As small-to-medium companies grow and face increasing competition, the flexible cost-effective combination of QuickBooks and Fishbowl grows alongside SMBs regardless of the industry sector. These smaller firms need the same kind of inventory management large organizations enjoy at a more affordable price.

As manufacturers grow and expand their product line, increasingly complex processes must be coordinated. Fishbowl simplifies processes by automatically generating manufacture orders, work orders, bills of materials and other essential documents when customer orders arrive. Each bill of materials can include detailed instructions, multiple stages of production, and other features to make every manufacturing job more efficient.

Fishbowl offers custom reports, custom shopping cart integrations, custom data integration, and database-related application linking and eliminates data entry errors. With simple features of barcode scanning, companies easily receive inventory into systems or records as it comes off the carrier vehicle, make adjustments to quantities being received, and easily enter tracking information in real time. Fishbowl software significantly increases accuracy and worker productivity.

Mary Michelle Scott, President