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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal How to Get Rid of a Fat Belly, Build a Healthy Heart and Discover a Slimmer Figure Through Rapid Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s healthy heart programs do much more than help dieters eliminate a fat belly, they reveal how to achieve rapid weight loss through prescription hormone diet pills and a nutrient dense, low fat diet.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Dieters across the country may have grown tired of the cycle of rapid when loss then regaining their fat belly, but a new study may provide these dieters with encouragement needed to end yo-yo dieting for good. According to researchers with the Oslo Study, people who repeatedly lose weight and gain it back may be at higher risk for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

This weight loss roller coaster is more than just emotionally frustrating, it also appears to set dieters up for disease, an unhealthy heart and premature death. Fortunately, dieters who are ready to rid themselves of a fat belly and gain a healthy heart only need to make a quick phone call to speak with a licensed physician to begin achieving rapid weight loss. Diet Doc’s healthy heart diet plans combine prescription hCG treatments and a low fat diet that quickly eliminate a fat belly and assist dieters in their quest for rapid weight loss. For nearly a decade, Diet Doc has been working with dieters to help them reach their goals and has successfully aided thousands of dieters find a slimmer, healthier figure.

By using pure, prescription strength hCG treatments, Diet Doc patients experience a significant decline in their appetite and are able to make more nutritious food choices that will improve their chances of building a healthy heart. But, Diet Doc is one of the few remaining rapid weight loss programs remaining in the United States that uses advanced research in developing their prescription hCG treatments. Other, competitor companies continue to rely on the original, outdated research from the 1950s and encourage their customers to follow a dangerously low, 500 calorie per day, diet in order to rid themselves of a fat belly. Diet Doc understands that the health and safety of their clients is imperative and incorporates today’s advanced science and medical research into their treatment options. Unlike other dieters, Diet Doc patients reach their rapid weight loss goals while consuming a caloric intake of almost double that of other programs.

When searching for a rapid weight loss program to build a healthy heart and eliminate their fat belly, dieters should consider the quality of ingredients contained in their diet treatments. Most companies market homeopathic hCG treatments that are illegal and ineffective in producing the rapid weight loss dieters are eager to achieve. Diet Doc refuses to use these illegal homeopathic treatments and only offers their clients pure, prescription grade hCGs in their supplements, diet pills and treatments. And, to ensure that dieters are quickly and easily losing weight while consuming a healthy, low fat diet, Diet Doc employs a network of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists to closely monitor patient progress.

From the comfort and privacy of their own home, dieters are able to speak directly with licensed experts who are dedicated to assisting them with eliminating their fat belly and building a healthy heart. After their first, free, initial consultation, Diet Doc clients will have unlimited access, six days per week, for consultations on their healthy heart diet plan and will receive constant support and encouragement throughout their program.

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