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RapidAdvance Announces a New Program Allowing Small Business Owners Faster Access to Capital


Bethesda, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- Rapid Financial Services, LLC (DBA RapidAdvance), one of the nation's leading providers of short term financing to small businesses, today announced that they have introduced a new program to provide small business owners with working capital within 24hrs. RapidAdvance’s new Rapid Funding Platform enables small business owners who are approved for capital to access their financing the next day.

Understanding that speed of accessing capital has always been an obstacle that small business owners have faced through traditional means of lending; RapidAdvance has addressed that concern by offering a faster, more efficient platform.

“By thinking outside of the box, we are able to improve our ability to better serve our clients. Our Rapid Funding Program is an important step in not only providing the capital that small business owners’ deserve but making the process simpler and more convenient than ever” stated Mark Cerminaro, RapidAdvance’s SVP of Sales & Marketing.

With multiple programs ranging from merchant cash advances to loans, RapidAdvance has financed businesses across a broad spectrum of industries including storefront retail such as restaurants, dry cleaners, florists, and automotive repair to manufacturing, trucking, and construction companies by offering customized financing solutions matching the individual business owner's needs. These programs allow business owners to not only access capital but select a repayment program that works best with their business model.

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms based on RapidAdvance’s historical data from over 11,000 customers, RapidAdvance is able to analyze a business’ historical cash flow and project a repayment formula to provide the maximum capital to a business that the business can comfortably afford to repay.

“Every day we are looking at ways to remove the obstacles that small business owners face in obtaining financing for their business. We’ve expanded the type of financing we offer, added new programs and now increased the speed in which we can get the capital to small business owners. This mentality has allowed us to improve the manner in which capital is accessed by Main Street,” added Cerminaro.

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Rapid Financial Services, LLC is a leader in the alternative financing industry providing financing to meet the working capital needs of small and mid-sized business owners. Rapid Financial Services, LLC offers small business owners multiple financing options designed to meet all of the capital needs of established low risk businesses, businesses with financial challenges, and newer businesses. Rapid Financial Services, LLC's suite of products ranging from small business loans to merchant cash advances offers business owners of all types the ability to obtain financing to grow their business. Rapid Financial Services, LLC's funding programs provide funds for any business purpose including purchasing new equipment, inventory/seasonal merchandise, expansion/remodel, pay off debt/taxes, and emergency funding. Rapid Financial Services, LLC also offers a partner program for companies who work with small businesses. For more information, visit https://www.rapidadvance.com/.