Joe Bragg Creates and Ships Custom Promotional Flags Within Three Days

Well respected promotional flag seller and retailer gets custom made teardrop and feather shaped promotional flags designed, created and out the door in just three days, defying industry convention.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- Promotional teardrop and feather shaped flags are a familiar sight. They are often seen outside car dealerships, at trade shows, at outdoor fairs, and other places where eye catching branding is required. These flags are so commonplace because they are cost effective and a great way to attract attention.

One advertising flags related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is This site creates custom teardrop and feather shaped promotional flags for a huge number of different businesses. They have quickly built a reputation as the fastest provider of custom flags, getting their flags made and shipped out within three days.

The website contains a huge amount of detail about their services, including high resolution detailed example photographs of the flags. They use an intuitive system to let their customers upload their custom flag artwork directly to the website, which further speeds up the flag customization process.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We found that a lot of our competitors were taking a long time to create and design custom flags, sometimes up to a month. We wanted to streamline the process so it could be much faster while retaining a premium quality. We currently deliver custom flags within three days, which is an incredible timescale. This has been a great benefit for many of our customers. For example, it helps people roll out a new seasonal promotion much faster than they otherwise could. A nimble business is a successful business, and the speed of our flag production and delivery helps our customers react to the market and tailor their promotional activities accordingly. As well as being fast, we are also cheap. Customers love these flags because they are so cost effective, and our innovative manufacturing processes mean they are cheaper than ever, while still keeping up an extremely respectable standard of quality and durability. We set up this business aiming to be the best supplier of promotional flags in the world and, although our customers are the final judge, we feel like we’ve succeeded.”

About are a manufacturer and distributor of custom promotional flags in both a feather ( and teardrop shape. They are well known in the industry for creating their custom flags extremely quickly.

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