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Rapper Jaron Marquis Lands $2M Investment Deal for Tech Driven Music Label


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2017 -- Jaron Marquis named 2018 Hip-Hop Artist to watch after landing a joint venture deal with investment venture firm Rothsgroup Capital. Jaron Marquis's music label Urban Genius Entertainment has made small strides in the last few years, with their technology driven use of data for artist marketing and sound development.

Recently in the news for headlining the Hurricane Irma benefit concert in LA Griffith Park, for completing a show, after being disrupted by an alt-right group of violent nationalists, still raising over $250,000 for Hurricane relief efforts.

Jaron Marquis and his hip-hop sound have begun to build a cult-like following in hip-hop music circles throughout London, Singapore and the U.S. with a sound that authentically has a nostalgic and familiar soul to it.

About Jaron Marquis
Jaron Marquis left the tech start-up world where he managed several multi-million dollar startups from funding to exit stage to focus on his passion of hip-hop and music. An entrepreneur at heart a musician in soul, his music comes from a place of risk and emotion that embodies everything he has seen in his life. From homelessness as a child to the corporate America climb as a business growth and marketing consultant.

Jaron Marquis fresh sound is an inspirational perspective in hip-hop that truly makes the heart beat faster, and his style of storytelling is akin to the days of early hip-hop. Its no wonder he has been able to attract financial investment, as his stock is quickly rising.

Cheryl Berger