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Rapper Jay Kelly Encourages Individuality with the Anti-Regular Campaign


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2015 -- Dubbed the new 'It' man of the recording industry, Jay Kelly is taking the music world by storm with his hit single, NITB. After garnering an immense response on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop, thanks to his tongue in cheek lyrical approach and out of the box video concepts, Jay Kelly has become a viral success. With this one song propelling him to new found popularity, it can be expected that Jay Kelly is all set to rise to stardom.

Following his recent Hustle Hard Campaign, Jay Kelly has launched the Anti-Regular campaign. Through these movements Jay Kelly wishes to bring about a change in the way people perceive themselves. Jay Kelly encourages fans to be confident in themselves while promoting individuality and teaching fans not let the fear of what the society thinks stop them from doing what they love. These values transfer into the theme of his "NITB" music video. What started as a performance for his close friends, became a worldwide phenomenon which has led to a massive increase in Jay Kelly's fan base.

Jay Kelly is a firm believer in freedom of speech and feels strongly about the fact that one must express his views irrespective of what others may think. That is the reason why he idolizes artists like Too Short and Uncle Luke, who created music that felt true to their hearts without being bothered about how their music may get perceived, and that is what Jay Kelly finds immensely inspirational. He has also worked with Mac Miller, DJ Paul and Radio Personality, Rude Jude.

Jay Kelly's music is fit for the dance floor with sexual content. Besides, his music encourages people to be themselves and do or say what they want, without having to think about what others would think.

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