Rapper Rockstar Kingweezy to Give Fans 'The' Real Deal

Artist promises new hope with his comeback


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- The music entertainment industry is in for a treat as Kingweezy, the rapping sensation is back and with a big bang. This rapper from Dallas, Texas has music flowing through his veins. His experience with music over the years has helped him compose some of the best tunes the rapper world is yet to hear. He has been working on new compositions which truly reflect this upcoming artist’s love and passion for music.

The music world today, is more than welcoming to new artists and singers but, this has also resulted in a downward trend that has degraded the quality of music. Kingweezy in a recent interview was found talking about this trend and quoting the content as ‘garbage’. He expressed deep concern over the fact that the music has no meaning, hope or message to deliver to millions of music fans who look for something extra from their music.

The rapper took inspiration from this and announced his comeback into the rap game. He has released his latest 4 part series titled ‘Slept On’ which features the singer’s highly anticipated tracks. The other albums of the singer include, “Slumber Summer”, “Eyes Wide Shut “and “Good Morning Music". The artist is also known to be working with some of the well-known production houses to create one of a kind music that is not only high up on quality but, is also entertaining.

Kingweezy and his work are a true dedication to the rapping genre of music which experts claim is a dying art. But, with artists like him carrying the torch, rap fans all over are relieved and hopeful. To know more about this artist, read his bio and check out his latest songs,

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