Rare Jalapeno "Italian Special Edition" Bitcoin Mining Device Up for Auction on eBay

An eBay action for a rare and powerful bitcoin miner is getting thousands of views because of its seller's humorous story.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- Bitcoin mining is now popular again thanks to the June shipments of ASIC bitcoin miners from Butterfly Labs. After being delayed for months and being called a scam, Butterfly Labs finally shipped their powerful 4.5+ Giga-hashes/second "Jalapeno" bitcoin miners. With thousands of preorders, only the lucky few who preordered them in 2012 have received them.

The 4.5+GH/s Jalapeno bitcoin miners are small, quiet, and equal the same bitcoin mining power as about 17 of the previously famous and sold out Radeon 5830 graphics cards. Only a handful of these rare and historic Jalapeno miners are on eBay for auction, and only one of those auctions is unique.

eBay user "jeffreygiraffe" describes his peculiar story of why he ordered his Jalapeno miner and the reason for selling it. Although somewhat lengthy, the story involves his friend stealing his bitcoins and his girlfriend begging him to go on an expensive vacation.

The auction description and its story are being praised on a popular bitcoin forum. "The best ebay description ever!" and "That was a pretty awesome description I got a laugh out of it." are some of the comments from

To read the story and possibly bid on this "Italian" historic bitcoin miner, view the auction before it ends on July 3rd:

Company Name: JeffreyGiraffe
company location: Brooklyn, NY
website address: