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Rasdale Stamp Company Offers Addition of Online Retail Store


Westmont, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- The Rasdale Stamp Company, a local Chicago area collectibe auction house, has announced that they will sell stamps and collectibles from all over the world through a retail store on their website. In contrast to their live public auctions, the retail store will offer buyers and sellers a collectible marketplace that operates on a continuous basis.

Rasdale's online retail store is currently operational. It features a search tool that potential customers may use to locate a particular item. It also allows users to browse the available collections by country or region of origin. There are stamps and collectibles available from over 30 current or historic countries or regions: the United States, France, French Colonies, Greece, Great Britain, British Colonies, Asia, Belgium, the People's Republic of China and Latin America are a few of the areas from which stamps are available. The largest section of the online retail store is for stamps from the United States—over 7,000 items are available. The store currently lists over 300 items from various former British Colonies like India and Australia, as well as over 400 items from the People's Republic of China.

Once a user of the online retail store has indicated the country, region or historic political entity to search under, the potential customer is provided with a drop-down menu of stamp categories to choose from. In the United States alone, the categories of stamps available in the retail store include regular issues, plate blocks, booklet panes, booklets, full sheets and more.

After selecting a category of stamp within a defined region, the online store shopper is taken to a search result page where it lists the details of the particular items available. The year or range of years in which the stamp was issued is listed first. Then, the condition of the stamp is given a star rating. A brief description of the stamp is also listed, which includes information, for example, about which set an individual stamp was a part of. Then, the price for the stamp is listed. Customers interested in making a purchase through the Rasdale Stamp Company's online retail store then have the option of selecting the quantity of the item they want to purchase—if more than 1 are available—and then adding the item to their shopping cart. Customers are given the option of signing into their account to purchase or of checking out by entering their contact and payment information.

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About The Rasdale Stamp Company
The Rasdale Stamp Company was founded in 1932. It is the oldest family owned and operated stamp auction house in the United States. In addition to their online retail store, they regularly hold live auctions in which bidders may participate in person or online from a remote location. Upcoming auctions will be held August 20-21 and November 19-20. The auction house employs a research department and multiple experts in the field of collectibles, as well as several customer service representatives. The company also now maintains an online store for the purpose of selling collectibles outside of its regularly scheduled auctions. Parties interested in learning more about the Rasdale Stamp Company, purchasing at an auction or selling their collection through a Rasdale auction are encouraged to contact the company through any medium using the contact information below.

Rasdale Stamp Company
Address: 35 Chestnut Avenue, Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: 630-794-9900
Fax: 630-794-9958