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Rasdale Stamp Company Releases List of Recent Auction Items


Westmont, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2016 -- Rasdale Stamp Company, a Chicago area collectible auction house and proprietor of an online collectible retail store, has made available on its website a list of the items that were available for auction during each day of its most recent auction of stamps and other collectibles. The list of items includes a brief description and details surrounding the origin of each item along with commentary provided by Rasdale. The live auction took place in two sessions, the first on November 19th and the second on November 20th. While the majority of items on the list were sold in the recent auction, viewing the list may still be of interest to collectors interested in attending a future auction at Rasdale.

On the first day of their most recent live auction, Rasdale Stamp Company put over 600 lots of stamps and other collectible items up for bidding. Before listing each lot individually, Rasdale included in its lot information a copy of their "conditions of sale" which are available in full on their website. Rasdale divided the materials available at the auction into several categories: supplies and literature, coins & currency, postage, miscellaneous collectables, postcards and several categories related to United States and United Nations collections, accumulations and stocks.

The very first lot they made available on the first day in the supplies and literature section was the used and unused supplies from a large consignment Rasdale came into the possession of. These supplies included, according to Rasdale, stamp collecting binders, slipcases, a stockbook, multiple, unopened black mount strips and several books about stamps. The bidding for that collection of stamp collecting materials opened at $100.00.

The coins and currency section of the auction included a collection of silver coins and promotional items. The collection included 20 Morgan Silver Dollars from 1879 to 1821. The postage material available at the auction included the stamps from several large consignments and one large collection that were obtained from a hoarder house. Among the miscellaneous collectables available at the auction were items autographed by former President Harry Truman and a collection of memorabilia related to the Boy Scouts of America.

The full list of items up for sale at their recent auction, as well as the brief description of each lot, is available on the website for Rasdale Stamp Company, at A leader in the stamp and collectable market and family owned and operated since 1932, Rasdale will hold auctions similar to the late November auction throughout 2017. Their next live auction is scheduled for February 18th and 19th of 2017.

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