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Raspberry Ketones Explode in Popularity, Thanks to Endorsement from Dr. Oz


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- During the past several months, raspberry ketones have exploded in popularity. In early 2012, Dr. Oz featured the relatively unknown nutritional supplement on his show. Dr. Oz highly recommended raspberry ketone for people who are trying to lose weight, calling it “the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

Since that time, the sales of raspberry ketones have gone through the roof, and Google has also reported a huge spike in the number of people who are searching for information about the supplement. Raspberry ketones are so popular, some shoppers are even finding it difficult to find the product at the marketplace.

An online retailer has been getting a lot of attention lately for its high-quality raspberry ketones supplement. Nutritional Sciences offers R9 Raspberry Ketones through Amazon.com. The full-strength and high quality natural product contains 100 mg of pure ketones in every capsule. The company has already shipped over one million supplements across the nation.

For people who wish to buy raspberry ketones, Nutritional Sciences offers an easy way to shop for the product; people can purchase it directly through Amazon, all from the comfort of home.

According to raspberry ketones reviews, the product has helped people lose weight, all without any side effects or jittery feelings.

“Raspberry Ketones are a compound found naturally in Red Raspberries,” an article on the company’s Amazon page explained, adding that one reason scientists believe Raspberry Ketones burn fat is because they help regulate Adiponectin, one of the body’s natural hormones.

“Adiponectin, known as ‘the thin hormone’, is present in higher quantities in individuals with lower body fat. This hormone regulated fat breakdown by working to help your fat cells burn fat for energy. The net result is lower body fat and higher energy levels.”

Research has backed up the theory that raspberry ketones help with weight loss. For example, an animal-based study found that rats that were fed a high fat diet for six weeks and then a high fat diet along with raspberry ketones for five weeks saw a reverse in weight gain.

People who are interested in learning more about R9 Raspberry Ketones by Nutritional Sciences are welcome to visit the company’s Amazon page, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008ZRIY6M, at any time. There, they can read more about the supplement and, if they wish, place an order for the product.

About Nutritional Sciences
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