Raspberry Ketones Liquid - Miracle Weight Loss Made Possible with Raspberry Extract


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- A super fruit known for its amazing taste, sweetness, and rich colors and added to almost any dessert or eaten on its own for a delectable treat, the royal raspberry has young and old lovers and admirers crooning for it. A healthy flavorsome milk shake, a topping for waffles or pancakes or even a rich puree to drizzle over ice cream, the use of this small potent berry in culinary hands is immense to say the least.

Weight Loss Craze!
One amazing fact that recently surfaced about the small sweet fruit is that it has been found to aid weight loss with an extract of its ketones. Many companies jumped on the band wagon to create a perfect extract from the raspberry ketones and present it as a viable solution for weight loss. One of the best and reliable sources for such as product is Raspberry Ketones Liquid from the US FDA registered Source Health Labs.

About Source Health Labs
Source Health Labs are known for their high quality products and renowned brand of weight loss products. Raspberry Ketones extract is available from the manufacturers in solution as well as capsule form. The products’ individual ingredients undergo strict supervision to ensure that the ingredients used are of the highest standard. The team of professionals working in the facility adheres to the highest standards of health and hygiene. It is important for the facility to uphold the perfection in their products as promised to their customers. The facility also manages online shipping and delivery to almost all the countries of the world. The payment is secured and made extremely easy with the power of Visa card.

Results of consuming Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry Ketones extract has shown amazing results in tests conducted in the Far East, in the past decade. However, the tests were primarily conducted as an animal study rather than for the benefit of humans. Two separate studies were conducted in Korea and Japan. In the Korean study in 2005, a group of mice were fed high fat diets for 8 weeks. Half of the mice were given a dose of Raspberry Ketone extract along with their high fat diet. The extract inhibited the fat cells to formulate and also allowed the easy break up of such cells in the mice’s body. The mice showed that the extract reversed the weight gain from their high fat diet and converted fats into more energy. Similarly in the study conducted in Japan on a group of rats, the rats were treated in the same way as the mice from the Korean study and showed that upon feeding the raspberry ketone extract, they showed aversion from eating and weight gain. However there need to be more research done on human participants before safely claiming that the drug is without any side effects.

Making News on the TV
Raspberry Ketones made headlines and turned heads all through the high streets of Hollywood once the word was out on the famous celebrity doctor's show about the amazing weight loss results gauged from the fruity extract. People spent every minute glued to the show as host shared with excitement the break through news about the raspberry ketones being the next best thing to counter weight loss in adults. He invited physical trainer and fitness expert Lisa Lynn to the show to explain what the extract could possibly deliver. Lisa shared her views and gave her personal opinion about the extract saying her own company of pharmaceuticals had created a special supplement with raspberry ketones which showed promising results in 2 weeks minimum. She emphasized that the supplement was not to be solely treated as the only way out of the overweight category and that people needed to chart a special balanced diet as well as proper and regular exercise to help enhance the effects of the raspberry ketone extract.

Another Dr. was also invited to the show and said that the effects of the extract on the body’s fat content was due to the Adiponectin. Adiponectin is a fat burning hormone which is secreted by our body and is greatly increased by the consumption of the raspberry ketone extract. Increase in the Adiponectin levels also stimulates the level of insulin in the body, thereby cutting down on blood sugar and maintaining high metabolic rate. This metabolic boost from the extract enables our body to burn calories more effectively and use up more food for fuel and energy. The blood circulation also improves, resulting in better sleeping patterns, more alert and liveliness throughout the day and a general air of well being.

Secondly if a person exercises moderately and eats a good healthy diet, consuming Raspberry Ketones Liquid would improve his chances of better weight loss in a shorter time frame. All one needs is a good start and the drive to keep moving ahead!

About Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry Ketones is a promising dietary supplement which can help dieters achieve their weight loss goals. It is available in both liquid and extract form.