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Clearfield, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Raspberry Ketones are an immensely popular diet supplement after they received endorsement numerous sources, who claimed they could be a potential miracle for weight loss. The supplement has plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting its claim to burning fat even without drastic changes to diet and exercise, but not all such supplements are created equal. Raspberry Ketones USA has been recommended by LeanHealth readers as the best quality, most effective Raspberry Ketones supplement on the market thanks to its strict manufacturing policies on quality and active ingredients.

The supplement has been scientifically demonstrated to cause fat loss when ingested in high volumes by laboratory mice, and this was the research that led to it being launched as a diet supplement for the human market. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, but there is raspberry ketone danger as well as advantages.

Cheap imports from China have been found to contain filler ingredients and impurities that lessen the effectiveness of the supplement, as well as containing less pure raspberry ketone. The readers of LeanHealth independently voted for Raspberry Ketones USA as their most trusted and best supplier of the supplement, adding more evidence that high quality American made supplements are indeed more effective than bottom-priced imports.

A spokesperson for Raspberry Ketones USA explained, “Because our supplements are created in state of the art laboratories right here in the United States, they are of a much higher quality and subject to much more rigorous standards than Chinese and other imported competitors. Their products contain far less of the active ingredient at a lower level of purity, and often customers are stung with import duties meaning they are less effective and more expensive. We are proud that LeanHealth readers have voted for us as the best Raspberry Ketone supplement, and have done so much to warn consumers to stick with quality, trusted providers.”

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