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RaspberryKetones.co.uk Offers a Free Bottle of CLA With Every 4 Bottles of Raspberry Ketone Plus


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- RaspberryKetones.co.uk, a UK-based website that is devoted to providing people with the weight loss supplement Raspberry Ketone Plus, is currently featuring a special offer for its customers.

Right now, anyone who purchases four bottles of Raspberry Ketone Plus will receive a free bottle of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which has also been found to help people reach their dieting goals.

For people who are fans of Dr. Oz raspberry ketones were the subject of one of his recent shows. The natural supplement, which is a natural phenolic compound that’s the main aroma compound of red raspberries, is one of the most popular weight loss products that is on the market today.

Raspberry Ketone Plus was also recently featured on FOX news. The video is available to watch on RaspberryKetones.co.uk’s user-friendly website.

In addition to providing high-quality Raspberry Ketones to customers throughout the UK who would like to lose weight, the site also includes in-depth and educational articles that help explain why and how the supplement works.

Ketones are natural aromatic compounds that are responsible for how things smell, and by extension, how they taste. Raspberry ketones, which produce the scent of fresh red raspberries, are found in the fruit. But as an article on the website noted, the compound does more than just smell nice—it is also a potent “fat melter.”

“Raspberry ketones help trigger the body to produce more of a compound called ‘adiponectin,’” the article explained, adding that adiponectin is a hormone that helps govern a lot of the body’s metabolic processes, including how blood glucose levels are regulated, and how the body breaks down fatty acids.

“It’s mostly produced by fatty tissue, and is one of the most abundant hormones in the bloodstream...at least, it should be. Research has shown that the higher your levels of adiponectin are, the more likely you are to be thin. By boosting your levels of adiponectin with natural raspberry ketones, you can trigger weight loss.”

Using the website to purchase Raspberry Ketone Plus or to learn more about the supplement is easy; customers are welcome to visit the site at any time and browse through the articles and watch the videos. Those who wish to purchase the product may click on the “Buy Now” tab, which will allow them to a companion website, where they may buy Raspberry Ketone Plus and take advantage of the special offer.

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