Rasta Vapes Takes Pride in Giving Customers World-Class Customer Service Experience


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Being the most trusted and leading seller of herbal and non-toxic vaporizer products ranging from wax oil vaporizers to wax vape and glass oil extractors, Rasta Vapes holds the pride of offering world-class customer service. By offering the lowest price in the industry, company makes sure that the product it offers is within the means of customers. Rasta Vapes keeps on looking for latest and best vaporizer products on the market for customers worldwide. To contend varying needs of the customers, Rasta Vapes came up with an elite assortment of products available with free stuffs.

Among the most popular products sold by Rasta Vapes, Titanium Nail is widely demanded by the customers worldwide. Made up of GR2 Titanium, Rasta Vapes’ Titanium Nail is fully adjustable and works well with a 14-mm or 18-mm dome. This titanium nail can be unscrewed and adjusted as and when required. This product by Rasta Vapes is a considerable upgrade for oil dome set. Besides, customers can get a bigger hit using the product. Even if people will heat Titanium Nail constantly or drop its accidently, it will not break. With a titanium nail, customers won’t have to carry torch for every next hit.

Another popular product in the array is Glass Oil Extractor Kit along with Extraction tubes made up of thick and high quality Pyrex Glass. Flanged end is something that differentiates Glass oil extractor from the others. End curves of glass oil extractor are intended to prevent the blowouts. People can easily tight the T-bolt clamp by putting screen over flanged end to avoid blowouts despite the force from the butane.

Rasta Vapes also carry electronic vaporizer pens under the brand name of leading manufacturers. Rasta vapes does not believe in carrying expensive yet low quality electronic vaporizer pens. The entire range of electronic vaporizer pens and other products excluding atomizers come with replacement policy of 30 days. Electronic vaporizer pen by Rasta Vapes is healthy for people in contrast to traditional smoking. With the use of electronic vaporizer pen, people need not inhale harmful toxins like traditional smoking. Best of all, they do not inhale as much amount of tar with electronic vaporizer. This is because, they smoke dry herbs using electronic vaporizer pen.

About Rasta Vapes
Based in San Francisco¸ Rasta Vapes has a chain of retail stores that is engaged in selling herbal vaporizer products. Rasta Vapes operates as an authorized dealer of Afterburner G Pen Vapes. Since the entry of company in the market, it has gained popularity worldwide among the customers. Considering the rise in the number of customers, the company is operating its official website to ease the purchase for customers residing in different parts of the globe. On the official website, customers can easily register the orders and purchase the products of choice and ship directly to their address without extra shipping costs. Customers across the United States in interested in buying products offered by Rasta Vapes can access the website for details regarding the cost and shipping charges. To garner details in person, get in touch with us at:

Company: Rasta Vapes
Contact Person: John Brown
Address: 1420 Bay St, San Francisco CA 94123
Website: http://www.rastavapes.com/
Email: sales@rastavapes.com
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