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RatedOh, The Picture Rating Site Officially Launches

This website has been getting a lot of hype from it's facebook fanpage Rated.0. It has now officially launched and is being used by many teenagers to find out who is the hottest!


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- Rated.0 has been a growing fan page on facebook for quite some time now. It has just reached 100 thousands fans and the community is very active rating people on their looks. The users wanted something new where they could meet new people in their area, and find out who is the most popular. The admin of Rated.0 saw this as an opportunity to create a website that gives it's fans exactly what they wanted. Thus, RatedOh.com was born.

RatedOh.com is not only a picture rating website. You can register a profile and join the active community by adding people close to you as friends, chatting with other users and submitting your own pictures to see what people think of you. This is a whole new way to socialize on the web. Times are changing and this culture is developing into one that sparks an interest in this kind of social media. Before this website was launched, teenagers used to post facebook statuses rating people out of 10. Now, there is a place devoted to things like this.

RatedOh also has another great feature. After you submit a photo, it allows users to go to a page called "Who's Hotter?". This page puts two images next to each other and lets people choose which one is better looking. After you make a decision, the data is saved and anyone can see how many wins or losses each individual picture has. I see people sit at this feature for hours because of how entertaining it can be to debate which person is better looking. It can be a fun game to play with friends, as well as by yourself. It is possibly one of the greatest things about this website, in my honest opinion.

RatedOh is still a growing community and most of its members are from Toronto, Canada. Although this is true, every day new places are added to RatedOh's database because of the demand for them. I have noticed pictures from Hawaii, New York, Connecticut and many other places in the United States. I am looking forward to seeing this website grow and how it will most likely me the most popular company for "picture rating" Websites.

Check out the website and view the top rated men and women in the world!