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Rates and Rental Surveyors Announce Aid to Clients Seeking the Best Rental Rates


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- The rent review clause in a lease is the most important information in a housing agreement as it determines the level of rent that will be paid. Rates and Rental Surveyors, Ltd. assists individuals with the rent review clause to aid clients in obtaining the best rates when renting a home in the UK.

"Changes in Status and Case Law make it imperative that individuals select a surveyor with experience in this area," said Barker.

The agency's professionals have the specialised knowledge and expertise to identify where clients can save on their rental and lease costs. The firm maintains a comprehensive database that provides a variety of essential information, providing clients with an overview of their Rating Valuation, neighbour assessment and other data that will be involved in their case.

Leases are regularly reviewed, particularly those for terms of five years or longer, and the trend for rental costs will typically escalate. Rates and Rental Surveyors can provide a free appraisal if a review date is named and assist with any notices served to ensure increases are minimalized.

"We help reduce your rent and minimize your costs," said Barker.

The agency's experts are highly experienced with all facets of the rent review clause and provide clients with representation should negotiations be required on an existing lease or rental and on a renewal. The firm's surveyors can assist individuals with lease renewals to remove undesirable terms, overly strict clauses, and make positive alterations to other terms to minimize initial costs to clients.

Landlords have a variety of grounds upon which they can prevent a new lease from being enacted. The situation rarely occurs, but if a refusal does become an issue the firm's surveyors have the expertise to challenge. A critical step in the process is the timely filing of paperwork and documentation that meets specific standards, of which the agency is cognizant, and works to ensure any refund is received.

Rates and Rental Surveyors, Ltd. provides essential services to help clients with their rent review clause, eliminate untenable terms, and effect positive alterations for cost savings. The firm provides assistance with valuations, surveys, and lease and rental reviews, along with business rate advice and dilapidation issues that cater to professional and personal needs.

About Rates and Rental Surveyors
Rates and Rental Surveyors are a team of highly experienced Surveyors, specialising in business rates and rent reductions. We have the expertise and knowledge to identify where savings can be made and have an extremely good track record of successful challenging of appeals. The Ex Chelmsford Valuation Office's Paul Walmsley, BSC, MRICS, joined the firm as the head of its London office, which has since grown. The agency maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

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