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Rave Nation Launches Campaign to Unveil the Truth Behind Modern Rave Lifestyle

Raver website emphasizes seldom mentioned underlying creed to shatter negative mold


Evanston, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Accompanied by widespread negative media scrutiny stemming from a lack of true insight, the rave evolution is taking the world by storm. According to reports, popularity of these events and the culture surrounding them has grown more than 120 percent since the 1980's when the movement was limited to secrecy. Despite ongoing public skepticism, raves are now focused largely on social harmony rather than the taboo stereotypes of years past.

In light of this progression, Shawheen Amirkhizi of raver website, Rave Nation has launched a campaign to unveil the truth behind the modern rave lifestyle. Amirkhizi explained, "Raves are about much more than the simple party aspect the media likes to portray. An entire culture has developed around those early notions, leading to what could be considered the hippie progression of our generation. The goal of our website is to foster this lifestyle from its core state of mind to the latest fashion trends it generates."

As part of this effort, the Rave Nation website features articles pertaining to the rave culture detailing the various types of music, dance, clothing and accessories to expect at such events. These informative pieces also explain the history behind many of the customs from which each of these elements is derived. Some are adaptations of practices dating back thousands of years and deeply seeded in the histories of nations across the world. Provided material caters to the curiosity of newcomers to the movement as well as those who have well established roots in the rave phenomenon.

The website also offers products geared toward those making appearances among the rave scene. Included in their selection are the kaleidoscopic jewelry, interchangeable beads and fluffies characteristic of the Kandi ravers. Space Lace, glow sticks and fiber optic accessories also enter the mix. An array of whimsical and enticing apparel is available as well.

Keeping with the aspirations of raising awareness of the movement, Rave Nation also provides an explanation of the PLUR lifestyle and information regarding humanitarian organizations with which it is associated. This implementation of peace, love, unity and respect into daily life brought about by DJ Frankie Bones offers ongoing support and fund raising efforts to PlurAlliance. This organization is dedicated to helping homeless and at-risk youth. PLUR Angels, a branch of this program, focuses on ensuring the safety of rave attendees. Additional community outreach programs are also being developed.

Said Amirkhizi, "The media tends to hone in on outdated negative reports, but the culture that has developed around the modern rave scene is truly about the music, freedom, togetherness and love of our fellow man. It is important that we emphasize these aspects; at the same time, we also aim to cater to the diverse genres within the rave movement, providing the ensembles and extras that allow them to express their inner raver."

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