Rave Reviews for New Kidney Disease Treatment Program


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Move over dialysis centers, a new dietary and supplement program has doctors giving rave reviews. Due to its incredible results, it has also created a buzz among people suffering from kidney disease. The combination of a unique kidney healing diet and treatment that includes science supported supplements is starting to become very popular and especially in the United States.

The program includes supplements which include herbs, vitamins, and something called nutraceuticals which are beneficial natural compounds for healing the body. This program is perfect for anyone dealing with kidney disease who is looking for natural and safe treatments that can be taken along with any medication. Proponents of the program claim that it has been proven by scientific studies to be effective and safe.

This Program Has The Support of Various Doctors Such As …

Dr. Radu Kramer a Nephrologist who says, “The program addresses key areas of kidney disease that the conventional medical establishments don’t address or address with toxic drugs, because that is the only options.”

These areas are inflammation and free radical damage. With every form of kidney disease there is going to be inflammation which damages the cells of the kidney leading to them not working properly. Free radical damage is cell damage that can be reversed with something called antioxidants. To have a complete treatment plan people must address inflammation and free radical damage through proper means.

This new kidney disease treatment program is called, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program” which covers various areas that relate to kidney disease.

These areas are:

- Diet – not just any diet. This diet is the most therapeutic and least known diet in the world. It is backed by science with over 400 medical citations to diet. This kidney diet treatment is high in fiber, anti-inflammatory foods, essential fatty acids and comes with list of kidney friendly foods to consume and foods to avoid.

- Supplements – certain supplements have shown from various studies to be extremely healing when it comes to kidney disease. These supplements include herbs that have shown to stop any form of kidney disease from progressing, they can stop protienuria which is protein in the urine and reduce inflammation. The program also has various other nutrients for not just stopping but reversing kidney disease.

- Lifestyle changes – one lifestyle techniques is exercise which has shown to improve and slow down kidney disease. Also, included are over the counter products to avoid which most people don’t know about along with many other recommendations including losing weight.

One thing people can agree on is that this controversial, new program when used in conjunction with standard medical treatment provides amazing benefits. According to the program and people who have used it said they have improved their cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure and the best part is avoiding kidney failure and starting a miserable life on dialysis.

This program works for any form of kidney disease including diabetic nephropathy, high blood pressure induced kidney disease, autoimmune disease and even PKD.

The creator of the program Robert Galarowicz N.D. is also a kidney disease sufferer which is why he built this program to help people who are in similar situation like he is. He also has lots of free resources to help people better their kidney health.

The link below is to a video that has over 7 ways to improve kidney health and tells people more about this remarkable treatment program. Click here to learn more …

He also has a kidney cleansing routine that is 100% safe and teaches people the proper way to cleanse and detox the kidney. Most cleanses and kidney detox drinks are not designed for anyone with decreased kidney function and can make kidney problems worse because they use high potassium foods and drinks. In kidney disease people need to avoid potassium. Robert designed a kidney cleanse that gets results and this Special Report is available free of charge. Click here to learn more …

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