Michelle Longega Wilson

Rave Reviews Surround the Launch of an Eight Year Old's First Book

The Adventures of Giulia / Le avventure di Giulia (a bilingual book in English and Italian) loved and cherished by new readers


Pacifica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- By now, Guilia has become a household name. She is no less than any of the loving Disney characters that children seem to relate with. Guilia is the hero of Michelle Longega Wilson’s new book “The Adventures of Giulia / Le avventure di Giulia” (a bilingual book in English and Italian). Since its launch last week, this book has been a huge hit with kids, parents and grandparents.

The book, which anchors on the adventures of Guilia and her magical unicorn, is a story that teaches children how to keep the fire burning to learn new things. Guilia, a simple girl, starts off travelling the world to discover her passion for learning new things, which is what Michelle is like in her real life as an enthusiastic eight year old.

The reviews on the book have been nothing but spectacular. The fact that it was an eight year old that actually composed the book started pulling readers into discovering how such a simple yet inspiring story can move the masses. The reviews also talk about how the book never ceases to surprise the readers and maintain the element of fascination right through to the end.

Most other children books available in the market are entertaining no doubt, but they don’t have anything concrete to give to young minds. These books are easily forgotten. Michelle’s original composition of Guilia’s story, however, is very different. It is entertaining, but at the same time gives young readers something to ponder over; it gives them the inspiration to keep exploring!

About Michelle Longega Wilson
Michelle is an extraordinary eight year old as she never stops to surprise herself and her family with everything she does. She has keen interests in dance, music and the arts and always tries to learn new things about new cultures. Her book has become a bedtime favorite and will remain so for many more months to come. Fans who have loved the book want Michelle to come up with more!

The reviews also talk about how the book has sparked new interests among readers, particularly those exploring both English and Italian. To read these reviews and learn more about Michelle, please go to http://michellelongegawilson.com/

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