Raven A. Fecunda’s Sunflowers

Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers of Destiny Foundation Unveils Helpful Services

Creates awareness about Sarcoma cancer and offers respite to patients and families alike


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2016 -- Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers Of Destiny Foundation has unveiled several services that can benefit patients of Sarcoma cancer, and their families who are grappling with its effects too.

Raven, who was the vision behind the foundation was diagnosed with Favor Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma, which adds to about 1% of all new cancer cases in a year. This rare form of Sarcoma cancer may have taken her life at the age of 22, but she stands tall like a Sunflower, with her mission that lives on in the form of this foundation.

Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers Of Destiny Foundation has dedicated itself to the cause of not only creating awareness about sarcoma cancer but offering financial relief to patients and families. The intention remains to take some burden away from the patients so that they can focus on their healing and restoration, not having to worry about food and other pressing regular needs.

It is an independent, not for profit organization that has taken on initiatives to raise funds that can be used for patients and their families. Last year it started its annual event, "Walk of Victory", which is a 5 km walk / run, and attracted over 125 participants. It was supported by several individuals and corporate sponsors alike.

Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers Of Destiny Foundation works in four stages to help patients and families. First stage is where it gets referrals from medical professionals, families etc. The medical eligibility of a patient suffering from Sarcoma cancer and his or her financial difficulties are then taken into account.

The compassionate and well trained volunteers of the foundation then identify the area of need to focus on so that patients and their families get optimum benefit. Patients' immediate needs are provided for in a timely manner and they are offered an overall pleasant and comfortable experience.

Here And Now Realty group has put together an event to raise awareness and funds for Fecunda foundation. The event will be held on 2nd April

About Raven A. Fecunda's Sunflowers Of Destiny Foundation
It is a foundation that was born from the vision of Raven, who battled with a rare form of Sarcoma cancer. Her spirit and desire to raise awareness about Sarcoma cancer gave rise to the foundation that was established in April 2015. Since then it has been working with patients and their families while offering them financial support as well.

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