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Ravencrest Publishing Releases Handler's Boy Who Spoke to God Offering Teachers 25% Discount


St Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Ravencrest Publishing has just released in hardcover, Randa Handler’s much talked about children’s book, The Boy Who Spoke To God. ISBN: 978-1-932824-18-6 (hc); (ebook-978-1-62467-237-8 $4.99 published by Open Road Media). A young Greek boy, in this folk tale, helps feuding Greek, Chinese, Zulu, and Mayan tribes find peace and harmony through his dreams of a perfect God. This unique book introduces kids to different religions not that common in mainstream children’s books. Parents now have a simple way to teach about multi cultures and beliefs!

“There is an outcry for the need of children’s books with diverse characters. These books do exist but their authors are not getting the attention they deserve because they aren’t a household name. Recently, the #WeNeedDiverseBooks tweet went viral! And, I know many authors who have similar missions!” shares Handler.

Handler’s agent, Italia Gandolfo said, “I love how Randa always includes international twists or incorporates multi-ethnic characters in her stories. It’s such a clever way to instill in kids an acceptance and love of diversity. If anyone can inspire youth, it’s Randa.”

Ravencrest Publishing is offering a 25% discount to elementary school teachers when they order direct from the distributor. Handler’s books have received rave reviews from parents, kids, and teachers.

“This is a book that for me has its major value in opening up the conversation about God and belief systems in general.” ~Carol Smaldino, Psychotherapist and Parenting Columnist.

“This is a really good book because it teaches that despite differences in religions, beliefs, ceremonies, and traditions, God is the God of everyone.” ~Dr. Israel Drazin, Rabbi, & Author.

“If or when different religious beliefs are causing conflict, this is the book to give to either children or adults.” ~Jessica Warne, CA Teacher.

“This well-told tale, beautifully illustrated, will appeal to all children and will at least introduce the concept of interrelatedness of all peoples. Highly recommended.” ~Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer.

“A parent will be hard-pressed to find a fun book that can introduce differences in beliefs without being preachy! This clever non-partisan book achieves that!” ~Rights Advocate and Bestselling Author, Calvin Helin

About Randa Handler
Randa Handler is an international journalist, publicist and publisher. Her interview with actor Rock Hudson (his last) was published worldwide. Her expertise in public relations made many products and personalities household names. In 2003, her publishing efforts launched an educational series of children’s books that are still being used as ‘lesson plans’ by elementary school teachers. She has published four other books that relay real life concepts to instill in kids an appreciation of differences. Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot (Cubbie Blue series; book 1; 978- 1-932824 -23- 0 (ebk), and What’s Up With Mike? (Cubbie Blue book 2; 978-1-932824-25-4 (ebk), a fantastical series populated with multi-ethnic and multi-cultural characters, were released fittingly on UN Day. Book one sets the stage for the series about the adventures of three boys and their special friend Cubbie Blue and his even tinier dog, Dot, while Book 2 follows the kids as they learn how to deal with a blind friend. The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter; (978- 932824 -50- 2 (ebk), a fun book that explains why Thanksgiving is more than Turkey Day and introduces a similar celebration in Japan; If I Were King, ISBN; 978-1-932824-20-9 (ebk), is a fun animal tale about a feisty zebra trying to find her turf.


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