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Raven's 44 Windowed House: New Book of Short Stories, Encompassing Talking Raven's Transcendence, Empathizes with Sum Total Emotions of Humanity

Masterfully crafted by Raven Higgs, ‘Raven's 44 Windowed House’ was a decade in the making; an emotionally-powerful book told through free verse and AB rhyme scheme poems. Higgs’ unique ability to transpose the emotions of humans into the enigma of a raven provide vital insights into love, aspirations and hope.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Millions spend their entire lives trying to experience a bold transcendence of character that will lead to an existence beyond the normal physical level. In his compelling new book, Raven Higgs deploys this same concept to tell humanity’s collective story through the eyes of a talking raven.

‘Raven's 44 Windowed House’ fuses prose and poetry to depict that raven’s journey to transcendence of the world to heights never imagined before.


Take a look into forty-four different perspectives and aspects of a raven's character.
“We often feel like we’re alone in how we think and feel, but there’s a collective spirit running through each of us,” explains Higgs. “That is what I captured in this book; our innate ability to individually empathize with everyone else in the world.”

Continuing, “But I also know that I personally have a unique gifts that can offer anyone powerful insight, help them see the world in a way they never imagined and push them to attain that goal or one thing that will afford great harmony. I’m passionate about helping people become the best they can be – and sharing these facets and pieces of wisdom through the life of a raven will make anyone sit up and listen.”

Readers should prepare for potentially life-changing insights into love, aspirations, transcendence of character, and hope.

For Higgs, this has been one very long-term project.

“I have been in and out of work for the past ten years, and each experience took me deeper into my own emotions. Triumphs and defeats are a very important part of life that shape the human experience, but I know that only few learn from this. The book represents the best of my writings during this period, and it will allow each and every reader to view the world and their place in it with far great perception. You’d be amazed how you’ll come out the other side,” he adds.
With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Raven's 44 Windowed House’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1rFl3p7

About Higgs
"I was born in 1989 in El Paso, TX to a military family. I started writing poetry as early as second grade, however, in my opinion, the journey into transcendence didn’t begin until eleventh grade. My English teacher said even though the masses of students would share their “poetry”, it just simply wasn’t that. He went on to say that while these students hearts were in the right place, their works were merely love notes that rhymed. I told myself that I would not be one of those people and wrote my first true poem “Moonlight”. I originally wrote to vent overwhelming positive and sometimes even negative feelings, (with integrity, sticking to my own style knowing that I could write rhyming poetry as deep and significant as non rhyming professionals) I was told by few in my inner circle I should publish and get my words out there. After military service, I started collecting my own works. After my engagement broke off, I lost most of my poems in the escape back home…which severely diminished my motivation. At the time, I did well to write a twelve to sixteen line poem every three to six months. Losing my works coaxed me to never write again, I wrote a farewell poem: “To Exist in Your World pt. II”. However, this didn’t stop the overwhelming emotions. When “Miss Bird” came into my life, all the progress I had lost and my dark past didn’t seem to matter anymore. I found the inspiration to write once again, and I came back to the language of the heart far surpassing my shortcomings as a writer aforementioned. I could now write thirty plus lines every couple of weeks to a month, and by then the poems became more than the one dimensional love notes I would write in the past. Today, I still thrive on the concept of silver linings, ironically, actions speaking louder than words, and of course the transcendence of character to heights never known, like *ahem* a raven… "