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Raven's Passion: Second Volume in 'Passion's Series' Uses Story of Misfit Warrior to Help Young Readers Fight Adversity

Crafted by best-selling author, Mary Adair, ‘Raven’s Passion’ follows the story of Raven Who Flies To Meet The Clouds – a young warrior who struggles with his past and is unsure of his future. Branded a ‘half breed’ by other Indians for having a white father and Cherokee mother, Raven’s anger and frustration becomes a centerpiece of Adair’s narrative. Above all, the story explores a number of issues pertinent to today’s youth and proves that challenges exist only to be overcome.


Wister, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- During everyone’s coming-of-age journey, adversity often steps in. While most people believe that they are the only ones suffering in silence, a compelling new novel by author Mary Adair is showing the historical side of struggle – while giving young readers an opportunity to hear of another’s angst in a wholly unique way. It’s all part of ‘Raven’s Passion’, volume two of Adair’s ‘Passion’s Series’.

Book one tells the early life of Raven, who travels with an English agent to Chota town. Arriving under the name ‘Little Buffalo’, the end of the book sees Adair’s leading young man transform into Raven Who Flies To Meet The Clouds. Book two picks up from this point, with Raven as a young and willing warrior.


Raven Who Flies To Meet The Clouds:
Raven, is strong, without fear and respected for his prowess as a young warrior. He is also battling his anger with a father he does not know, a white man who would love and then leave a young Cherokee woman to raise his child alone. The villagers see this pent up anger take control of his reactions each time he perceives a threat toward his near-sister, Golden Dawn. The village is unsure and concerned by his aggressiveness and inability to control his anger when Dawn is threatened. Now Raven’s adopted father, Red Panther, is missing and possibly dead. Raven must prove to Chief Dancing Cloud as well as the rest of the village that he possesses the love and selflessness that a warrior, a protector of The People, must possess as he leaves with the war party to find Red Panther.

Golden Dawn:
Golden Dawn is Red Panther’s and New Moon’s daughter. She has inherited her father’s fair coloring, his pride and his determination. From her mother she is blessed with strength, courage, a warrior’s abilities, and a gift of visions. She alone understands Raven’s pain. She alone knows their paths are intertwined. She alone knows that someday, she will no longer be his near-sister and because of the love she has for him she will willing pay the price to save his life.

Raven’s Passion:
The story of a young warrior struggling with the meaning of life, a life filled with the passion of a time when one’s existence depended on unity, love, selflessness, and the village.

“Raven is a very troubled young man, confused about his place in the world and craving nothing more than to know who his biological father is,” says Adair, a prolific writer. “But he is forced to combine his own personal battles with a more serious challenge, when Indians are suddenly abducted by ruthless men. Raven joins their search party and very quickly comes to learn an awful lot about himself and the world he lives in.”

Continuing, “The issues he faces mirror those faced by today’s youth – my readers. Many young people are faced with parents who have been absent from birth and, in Raven, they can find solace.”

To date, the novel has attracted extremely positive reviews. For example, Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite comments, “I thought author Mary Adair did well, creating characters who were so realistic with their problems. She skillfully displayed how people lived in the past, while making the different personalities and feelings of the characters connect with the reader. I am impressed with the quality writing I have seen, as well her expertise on Indian history.”
‘Raven’s Passion’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1jttcpr.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.authormaryadair.blogspot.com

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