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Raw and Emotional New Book from Test Pilot's Wife Details Life After Fatal Crash

Written by Carol Fiore, ‘ Flight through Fire’ is the culmination of thirteen years of passionate dedication. This beautifully written tale is a stirring rumination on strength without religion, love after death, and the often forgotten sacrifices and bravery of test pilots.


Loveland, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- On October 10th, 2000, test pilot Eric Fiore was the sole survivor of the fatal crash of a Bombardier Challenger 604 experimental aircraft.

Thirty-six days later, Eric died. But not before he made his wife promise two things— that she would never bring down aviation by suing and blaming, and that she would tell the world his story.

Thirteen years later, Carol Fiore, a licensed pilot, is keeping her promises with the release of her book, ‘Flight through Fire’. At the heart of the story is love: love of aviation and the love between a husband and wife. In telling Eric’s story, Fiore examines the extraordinary men and women who risk their lives in order to make aviation safer, and the mental fortitude and patience it requires to marry into that life.

“Our family is not religious, so I didn’t have a faith in God to rely on for strength,” says Fiore. “It was difficult to keep my promises to Eric, but I needed to tell the world about this amazing man who made the skies safe for all of us.”


“Shit happens, and it doesn’t mean it’s somebody’s fault. And in the test flight of an airplane, shit often happens.” —Bombardier Experimental Test Pilot Eric Fiore

On October 10, 2000, a Challenger 604 experimental test aircraft crashed on takeoff at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport, dragging a wing, before turning into a fireball. Barely alive and suffering horrific burns, test pilot Eric Fiore was the only survivor hauled from the wreckage.

He has asked his wife to promise him something.

Based on actual events, ‘Flight through Fire’ is an unforgettable love story centered on a deep devotion to aviation. Carol Fiore vividly describes the aftermath of the accident, the response of a billion dollar company and an entire Kansas town, the intense pressure placed on a hospital, the tragic realities of severe facial burns, the evolution of an eating disorder in her teenage daughter, and the raw emotional pain of her nonreligious family.

Deftly interweaving the past and present, the author takes the reader on a wondrous adventure around the world with a complicated and passionate man who was born to be a pilot. Struggling with the horrors of his injuries, she confronts grief without religion, searching for strength in order to keep her promise to him.

Insightful, brutally honest, and unexpectedly humorous, this is the story of what it takes to be a test pilot, and what it costs to love one.

Fiore has spent the past thirteen years focusing on creative writing—even going back to college for writing, attending workshops and seminars, hiring coaches, pouring over transcripts and medical records, and reading grammar books late into the night. All because of her love for Eric Fiore, a man who inspired that kind of devotion from those around him, and died doing what he loved best—flying.

‘Flight through Fire’ is available now in paperback and Kindle: http://amzn.to/1cTPEpI

About the Author: Carol Fiore
Carol Fiore holds three university degrees and is a licensed pilot. In addition to writing, she teaches environmental science classes and does volunteer work. Carol donates part of the proceeds from the sale of ‘Flight through Fire ’ to Eric's favorite charities.

Carol enjoys hearing from readers. She loves to talk about Eric. A link to her e-mail can be found on her website at www.carolfiore.com