Ray Apollo Allen Remains a Staple in R&B Music with His Most Recent Album

Having been a part of the soul scene for over 40 years, Ray Apollo Allen is no stranger to the industry. Since first appearing on the Barry Richards Rock & Soul Television show in 1976, Allen has continued to evolve as an artist and craft his own unique blend of R&B, soul, gospel, and doo-wop. Being a part of one of the most popular soul groups on the East Coast is just one of the accomplishments that has helped craft his recognizable sound. The World Today is an album that brilliantly mixes the sounds of soul music, both old and new and provides a view of the world of soul music from an individual who has long been a recognizable figure within it.


Ft. Washington, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Ray Apollo Allen was born in North Carolina, and moved to Washington, DC at the age of 18. It was here that he became part of his first band, The Soul Merchants, where he learned to sing harmony. Shortly after, he helped found the legendary soul band The Apollo Brothers, which consisted of Ray, his brother Walter, the late Jackie Love, and various other members including Joseph Bowden, Tyrone Tyson, and George Boyd. The Apollo brothers were consistently booked for every weekend over the years, and established themselves as one of the biggest faces of soul music.

Like many artists, Allen found himself creatively constrained by the music industry and decided to pursue his own creative endeavors. He began singing soul harmony in a number of DC quartets including the legendary group known as the Oriels, fronted by the late Sonny Til. While he still enjoys singing with the remaining members of the Oriels, Allen also continued to foster his own personal voice. Released in summer of 2011, his first solo album The World Today offers a glimpse into a career at the center of the soul revolution and the experiences of a musician with a rich musical and cultural background.

Allen’s music focuses on the power of meaningful lyrics and the ability to deliver the sound in a variety of harmonic pitches. The highlight of Allen’s music is his incredible range, with the ability to sing first or second Tenor as well as Baritone. Instead of focusing on a prescribed set of performance elements, Allen uses his natural talent and charisma to provide a unique experience at each live show. Like many great soul artists, Allen sees himself as an entertainer above all; an individual focused on providing a spark of enjoyment for his audience that goes far beyond the music itself.

About Ray Apollo Allen
Recorded using Pro Tools, The World Today is an eclectic collection of tracks ranging from up-tempo Latin and Caribbean to R&B, soul, and gospel ballads. In using his diverse experiences and knowledge of the evolution of soul music, Allen provides unique insight into the current issues of the world and delivering the message in a fun and uplifting fashion. Available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, The World Today is a diverse release that beautifully illustrates the natural talent and musical evolution of a legend in the soul genre. Whether your goal is to dance or quietly reflect to a soft crooning, The World Today has a sound and a collection of tracks that any R&B music lover is sure to appreciate. For more information be sure to visit and stay updated.

Ray Apollo Allen Remains A Staple In R&B Music With His Most Recent Album! For more information be sure to visit and stay updated.

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