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RayMing Technology Adopted a Strictly Quality-Driven Approach to Solve Rough Solder Issues During Assembly


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2016 -- PCB design and turnkey SMT assembly demand precision and RayMing Technology, a China based PCB prototyping and manufacturing firm recently addressed the problems that might occur during PCB designing, particularly rough solder problems. The company also announced that they have taken a quality-driven approach to mitigate the errors and problems that might occur during turnkey SMT assembly.

Antti, an engineer from RayMing, recently explained the rough solder issues and analyzed the causal factors in a press conference. She tried to explain the circumstances that eventually lead to rough soldering.

"The temperature factor is the biggest factor that leads to PCB soldering during PCB assembly processes. We need to control the temperature so that the soldering issues do not arise. What we do here at RayMing is we choose the correct preheat temperature so that an appropriate relationship is established. This way, we can successfully avoid soldering issues", said Antti.

The engineer also went on to explain the other causal factors that contribute to rough solder problems. "Rough or dull solder problems mainly indicate problems in material selection or erroneous processes. If the solder composition is not correct, PCB rough welding may appear. We always check the solder composition to make sure that everything is alright. We also take a couple of other preventive measures to avert soldering issues", she added during her press conference.

The CEO and managing director of the PCB assembly company also briefly appeared in the press conference and he also spared a few words on the quality benchmarks that they follow. "We have our own R&D team at work. Besides, we strictly follow and comply with ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and other industry-specific guidelines and standards. Moreover, we also comply with RoHS and UL requirements", he said addressing the press.

"We started SMT assembly only in 2010 and now we have turned into a full-service electronics contract manufacturer with all the necessary certifications under its belt. We now focus on manufacturing and prototyping ready-to-integrate PCB. We believe that the quality standards we follow will take our business to the level next", he signed off on a high note.

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