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RayMing Technology Revealed Quality Standards Followed During PCB Assembly and Manufacturing


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- RayMing Technology, a leading China based manufacturer of PCBs, recently revealed the quality standards and parameters they follow during PCB assembly. The owners of the firm provided details of the manufacturing and design process that they follow and pointed out the basics of the quality standards they strictly follow in a recent statement for the press.

"Reviewing OCB gerber files and analyzing the critical aspects of turnkey SMT assembly and PCB manufacturing process is an integral part to the entire manufacturing cycle. We need to corroborate the particular parameters for PCB fabrication. We check laminate thickness and copper thickness, line width and spacing and surface finish as these are the indispensable quality control measures we need to take. Uniformity of circuit plating and copper plating is another important thing to consider", said a quality analyst from RayMing technology during a recent press event.

"In addition to checking the gerber files, we also peruse the BOM list to make sure the key components are present and we use an advanced and sophisticated SMT mounter for turnkey SMT assembly. During this process, we also need to work in close coordination with our purchase team so that the components needed can be manufactured in-house or sourced from domestic manufacturers in advance", she explained the complexities of the process during her short press conference.

The CEO of the Shenzheng, China based manufacturing firm told the press that it is an onus of responsibility for them to maintain the right quality while PCB assembling and fabrication. He said that they want to become a trusted exporter of PCB.

"We want to become the truly global leader in PCB manufacturing and exporting. As China's leading electronics contract manufacturer, we need to emphasize more on the quality parameters so that the end results bear the signs of high-level precision engineering", said the CEO during a summit of engineers, technocrats and investors. He also told that his company's aim is to double the revenue from PCB manufacturing and assembly by this financial year and to bring more innovation in the manufacturing process.

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