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RC Helicopters Expand Range of Remote Control Helicopters


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- Helicopters are an amazing bit of design innovation; their history goes all the way back to DaVinci, who attempted to design and build an early prototype helicopter but could never get the mechanics to work. The first helicopter was first mastered by Igor Sikorsky, a Russian, in 1939, and begun full scale production in 1942.

RC Helicopters is a company has been set up by people passionate about the remote control helicopter, helping to bring the toys into the mainstream. They have dived head first into the realm of social media to promote their passion and have seen a rapid response from enthusiasts and interested parties. They have already reached over 1,000 fans on their Facebook page and are continually adding new and innovative designs to their range of products.

They have also designed a clean and simple user interface that makes it easy to compare and contrast products aesthetically and by feature. High quality imagery is provided as well as a full product description. Users sign up to an account with the site which allows them to access all the details on transactions, downloads and returns as well as allowing them to keep a wishlist of the products available.

The helicopters are also split into multiple types, From Mini to 4CH (four channel, advanced control systems). Over fifty models are currently available to choose from, with plans to add more.

The products are available to every scale of ability, size and price range, allowing new enthusiasts to try their hands at piloting the craft while offering new and exciting challenges to experienced, expert RC pilots.

A spokesman was eager to pull in new advocates of the hobby, saying, “A lot of the trickiness in the flight mechanics of a helicopter is the rotation of the blades creating torque-force that constantly tries to pull the vehicle around in a circle with it. The rear rotor offsets this, but for beginners, we have a two-rotor, contra-rotating helicopter that eliminates the torque factor and makes the control interfaces much easier to use.”

The rc helicopter selection available on the site range in price and come in a wide variety of styles, from the fantastical and futuristic to the historically accurate scale model.

About RC Helicopters
RC Helicopters provide a range of Remote Control Helicopters tailored for every kind of consumer. From first-time buyers to experienced flyers, from history enthusiasts to racers and stunt competitors, they offer a range of fantastic products at competitive prices. For more information, visit