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RCA Antenna Explains the Importance of Using HD Antenna

It is of utmost important to choose the best HD antenna like that of RCA Antenna for one to maximize the full potential of a high definition reception.


Hauppauge, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- TV antennas are artifacts of the past centuries. But no matter how relic they may seem, a lot of people are still opting to use them for cost reduction purposes. It is imperative to know the different types of TV antennas and which ones perform best in certain types of reception conditions.

Over-the-Air HD Antenna. Shifting to digital TV broadcasting got rid of the irritating picture warps like snow and ghosting. It is inevitable for local and syndicated programming to broadcast digital signals in standard definition throughout the day and then change it to high definition during primetime. And that makes using an HD antenna all worth it. Here are some reasons why:

- There are about 99% of US television households who watch at least one local digital station, while there are about 89% households who can access five or more local stations. The use of an over-the-air HD antenna can give access to most local stations in the are.

- It is a fact that despite the number of channels being provided by satellite and cable providers, the use of over-the-air digital reception still gives the best quality of television picture. This is because satellite and cable companies do not maximize the potentials of their data compression of other strategies that would bring out the best picture quality. The use of an HD antenna enables the full resolution to the intended TV networks.

- It cannot be argued the costs that will be cut with the use of over-the-air HD antenna as over-the-air signals are totally free. Thus is the ability to receive free over-the-air HDTV.

- Amazing as it may seem, but over-the-air HD antenna can give access to out-of-town channels just with the use of the correct equipment and reception conditions.

However, it must be noted that in order for an HD antenna to product excellent TV reception in all locations, it is equally important to identify the right distance and direction from the TV station transmitters to one’s home. The transmitter’s power and the height of the tower, the terrain connecting the tower and the antenna, and the location and size of large building within the vicinity of the transmission are all factors that must be considered. The use of a small set-top indoor antenna gives the ability to get enough reception even in the house is located a few miles of the transmitter no matter how unobstructed the signal path is.

And of course, it is of utmost important to choose the best HD antenna like that of RCA Antenna for one to maximize the full potential of a high definition reception.

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RCA has consistently delivered innovation and quality for consumer electronics products since its beginning in 1919. The story of RCA begins with the emergence of wireless communications made possible by the discovery of radio waves and amplification technology in the early years of the 20th Century. What began as wireless telegraphy, sending dots and dashes through the air instead of over wires, grew to become voices, music, and eventually video transmitted and received over the air with the development of more sensitive transmission and receiving equipment.