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Re-Baking the Nation's Best Loved Treats: New Recipe Book by Ginger D. Baker Reduces Fat & Sugar and Adds Protein Powder

‘Protein Power Baking Recipes’ proves that it is possible to enjoy everything from lemon bars to egg sausage muffins without high levels of fat and sugar. Baker’s powerful new book shows anyone how to get creative with protein powder and whip up healthier versions of their favorite treats.


Shorewood, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- While everybody loves a slice of fresh cherry cheesecake, the post-munch guilt is enough to spoil the experience for most. However, a revolutionary new book by Ginger D. Baker is poised to enlighten thousands to the power and health benefits of reducing fat and sugar and replacing some of the flour with protein powder in traditional recipes.

‘Protein Power Baking Recipes’ puts the fun back into home-cooking while keeping delectable recipes as easy and as healthy as possible. Grab a whisk!


Are you looking for more creative ways to use protein powder? Do you enjoy the taste of homemade treats, but are concerned about consuming too much fat and sugar? Do you find that the sugarless/fat-free treats purchased at the grocery store taste like cardboard?

I love to bake! I love the pleasant aroma coming from my kitchen and sharing my treats with friends and family, but worried about the large quantities of butter and sugar used in traditional recipes. So, I started testing recipes using less butter and sugar and found that I liked them much better that way. But I didn't stop there! I added vanilla whey protein powder to my favorite recipes and was pleasantly surprised. They tasted great! I couldn't wait to test all of my favorite recipes. Protein Power Baking is a collection of 30 of my BEST tasting tested recipes. The recipes are simple and the instructions are easy to follow. No expensive equipment is needed. All of the recipes can be made with an electric hand mixer and blender or food processor.

If you are looking for complicated recipes that are loaded with butter and sugar and have fancy names that are difficult to pronounce, you should look elsewhere. If you want a collection of simple delicious recipes made using reduced amounts of real butter and sugar and have the added nutritional benefits of protein powder, than Protein Power Baking is for you.

As the author explains, the book stemmed from her own love and struggle with tasty treats.

“I loved sharing my home-baked treats with family and friends, but was well aware of the amount of sugar and fat in them. Reducing the amount of sugar and butter was easy enough, but I needed a way to increase their nutritional value – this is where adding protein powder came into the mix,” says Baker.

Continuing, “I’ve now compiled thirty of my best recipes, all of which contain reduced amounts of real butter and sugar, with vanilla whey protein powder used in place of some of the flour. Readers can now bake healthier versions of lemon bars, ginger snaps, peanut butter granola bars, lemon cheesecake and banana walnut muffins and much more!”

While the at-home health benefits are obvious, Baker hopes her book will address the United States’ Obesity and Diabetes epidemic.

“Many people are buying fat-free and sugarless-baked goods from grocery stores, but few of these taste great and they’re made with artificial sweeteners and preservatives. My recipes have the just the right combination of added protein and added vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the protein powder, less butter and sugar and have a great homemade taste.

With the kitchen and sweet tooth calling, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies of the book today.

‘Protein Power Baking Recipes’, published by GingerAid Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/19PklyZ.

About Ginger D. Baker
Ginger D. Baker is a freelance writer, biker and fitness enthusiast who lives in Shorewood, Wisconsin with her dog Pearl. She loves to bake and eat, but recently has struggled to zip-up her favorite jeans. She started experimenting with slimmed-down versions of her favorite recipes after several unsuccessful attempts to banish sweets from her diet.

Baker’s goal is to help others satisfy their cravings for sweets, without sabotaging their fitness goals.