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Reaching Rose: Genre-Bending 'Spiritual Thriller' Begs Question - What's the Point of Forgiving?

S.M. Johnson’s debut novel was written to thrill both the scientifically-minded as well as churchgoers. Fusing science and history, ‘Reaching Rose’ is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- While it may be a debut novel, S.M. Johnson’s ‘Reaching Rose’ has already made its literary mark by defying standard genres and presenting a narrative literally like none other. The fast-paced novel is best classified as a ‘spiritual thriller’ that appeals to readers with any belief system, including atheists.


After Rose Wilson, age seven, witnesses a savage act of violence against her mother, the once energetic girl is left shattered and empty. Her devoted and devout father keeps Rose isolated while he waits for the hand of God to heal her. Biology professor and next-door neighbor, Nicole Louis, has faith only in the systems of nature. As such, though she yearns to reach out to Rose, Nicole is banned from contacting her.

When silver-haired Muirin moves to the block, Nicole initially writes her off as one of the masses under the opiate of religion, but Muirin seems to know secrets of nature that science hasn’t explained yet. She soon comes to understand, if anyone can lift Rose from her misery, it is Muirin. And what Muirin reveals to Nicole will change the very meaning of “nature” for her, forever.

Reaching Rose transcends genre. A fully imagined intellectual story. Meticulous scientific and historical research supports this unexpected journey. Jarring plot twists. Rich and lively. Chilling at times. Vivid throughout.

"I find the strawman of science vs. faith quite tiring. Spiritual searching, done right, requires exhaustive intellectual rigor," Johnson says. "This novel serves as an entertaining compliment to that rigor, to stimulate the spiritual compass.” Johnson continues, “And honestly, I didn’t set out to write this exact book. The story took over and I decided not to interfere with it.”

This concept has resonated with everyone from the very faithful, to scientists and agnostics, right through to fundamentalist atheists. Since its release, ‘Reaching Rose’ has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“In the vein of previous books that try to hit the intellectual thriller mark (e.g. The Da Vinci Code) SM Johnson provides a great and engaging read while at the same time fostering intellectual curiosity. This would make a fantastic ‘book club book’ or at a minimum is a good read between family and friends to openly discuss. I eagerly await the next novel by SM Johnson,” says RCP, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Cynthia McComber was equally as impressed, adding, “This story was so intriguing. I was pleasantly surprised. The story takes you an unexpected journey. I am left hoping for a sequel!”

‘Reaching Rose’ is available now: http://amzn.to/18ke4eV.

For more information and to download two free chapters, visit: http://www.reachingrose.com.

S.M. Johnson lives and writes in Salt Lake City.