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Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- The evolution of technology has also made its way to the equipment DJs se to mix and create music, by combining the good aspects of the old school controllers and deck with the hi-tech features of today the DJ equipment of now allows DJ to enjoy what they do more than ever before. The Numark NS7 is one such example of the fusion of the old and the new for a turntable fit for the DJ Big Boys. is a website which takes a closer look at what The Numark NS7 has to offer, through in depth reviews and feature assessments. Professional DJs have chosen Numark NS7 has their turntable of choice and takes a closer look in to why this particular deck has been the choice of seasoned full time professional DJs.

One of the most marked features of the Numark NS7 is the traditional feel of turntables it provides, which allows DJs to get the feel of a hardcore old school deck but with the added bonus of newer more advanced technology. Well-made and sturdy the Numark NS7 is highly suitable to be taken on the road this DJ controller has some of the most realistic turntables around, with a full 3,600 ticks of resolution.

This is in fact one of the most full-featured DJ turntables available today, and one that is solid enough for regular use on the road. People considering buying this particular turntable should not underestimate the power of its performance based on the looks of the equipment, the deck is packed with advanced software and technological features which make it the most popular choice of turntable among professional DJs today.

As the reviews on inform readers: “This comes complete with the Serato ITCH software, which will provide you with a wide range of effects that you can start using in your mixing, as well as all the faders, knobs, and buttons you will need to manipulate the software. With the strip search virtual needle drop control, you will have full ability to mix and manage all of your music, even when it is located on your Mac or PC.”

The readers can also learn about the best deals on the deck, because of its pro reputation the Numark NS7 is not a minor buy and should be considered as a serious investment, shares information about price and discounts and also the various warranties and shipping costs.

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