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Readiness Range Announces Release of the Emergency Survival Sack - Reflective Emergency Sleeping Bag and Survival Blanket

The Emergency Survival Sack recently debuted on providing individuals and families, with the best Emergency Sleeping Bag/Sack on the market today. Perfect for even the worst conditions the bag is being met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from amateurs and enthusiasts alike.


Bellmere, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. The innovative company Readiness Range are experts at providing the best products to provide protection in even the worst situations. Their latest release, which was recently launched on, is the Emergency Survival Sack, a reflective emergency sleeping bag and survival blanket that can very well save a family member's life.

“These insulating Emergency Sleeping Sacks provide compact emergency protection in all weather conditions by reflecting back and retaining 80% of a survival victim's body heat,” commented a spokesperson from the Readiness Range. “It is made from space-age material, with the added benefits of providing an instant sleeping bag and more efficient heat. These features can obviously be vitally important for a person interested in staying prepared.”

Readiness Range clearly put great thought into the design of the Emergency Survival Sack. Some of the benefits of the bag include: the bag reflects and retains body heat, making it ideal for cold weather conditions; it's designed from reflective space age material, which can easily be seen by rescue teams from a distance; and is compact enough to be added to both a home and a car survival kit.

Statistics from the American Red Cross, show a disaster strikes every eight minutes. Sadly, many people are struck unprepared for these disasters. In many (or even most) of these cases having access to one or more Emergency Survival Sacks could be a game changer. There's almost too many documented cases of serious injury occurring due to exposure to count, and a high quality emergency survival blanket would certainly prevent many of them. A home or car survival kit, or “bug out bag” without one is leaving a large gap that should certainly be filled.

Readiness Range are so confident in their latest product they are proud to include with each emergency sleeping bag sold both a life time warranty and a full money back 100% guarantee, with no hassles and no questions asked.

The emergency sleeping back is receiving very positive early feedback from customers.
Ian S., from Pennsylvania, recently said, “I live in a state where it gets very, very cold so I knew we needed a few emergency sleeping bags for my family's disaster preparation. I did some research on which bags to buy, and Readiness Ranger really won me over with their knowledgeable approach toward getting prepared and their really superior customer service. It was a really good decision to buy the Emergency Survival Sacks. We couldn't be happier with them and we have no doubt they will perform the way we need them to in an emergency or disaster. Five stars.”

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