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Reading Glasses Care Tips Revealed by Bereader

When you are not using your reading glasses, the best thing to do is to put them in a case. Properly storing and cleaning your reading glasses is important and will help you keep your glasses in a good condition in the next years.


Askim, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Reading glasses become necessary with the aging of the eyes. They are a good solution for the people who want to maintain a normal quality of life and to be able to do without eye strain things, involving short distance vision – reading, drawing, cooking, sewing, etc. To avoid breaking and damaging your reading glasses, you need to store and clean them properly.

‘Bereader” officials expect that the company’s new models of reading glasses will prove to be really enduring and durable through the years.

The new reading glasses are able to correct the vision, to an extent, according to their diopter strength. Their high quality will help you use them for a long time, if you keep a few simple rules for storing and cleaning them.

Clients will find the glasses from the new collection easy-to-use and really durable. Moreover, these glasses are really fashionable and could be the perfect accessory.

To protect your glasses, it is better if you wear them on a chain around the neck. Thus, you will minimize the chance of losing or breaking them.

When you remove your reading glasses from your face, do it carefully, using both hands. Otherwise, you risk stretching out the frames and loosening the screws. It is not a good idea to wear your glasses on the top of the head, although it may appear to you it is a proper and convenient place for them.

When you are not using your glasses(Några skötselråd), the best thing to do is to put them in a case. When you are placing glasses on a flat surface, remember to always face lenses upward. Thus, you will avoid their pollution and will prevent damaging of the glass surface.

Be careful where you are putting the glasses. Do not put them on chairs or other similar surfaces where somebody could sit on them. Also avoid leaving reading glasses on the car dashboard, because the direct heat could deform their shape.

You may use ordinary tap water in order to clean your glasses if they are really dirty. Water will remove dirt in a way, safe for the surface.

Most of the stains or your glasses will be fingerprinted. Do not forget to clean the nose pads, the hinges and the screws, which often remain neglected.

Because of their constant use, reading glasses might often need a repair. You may try to fix them by yourself, but if you do not know exactly what to do, you would better find a specialist. Many eyeglass stores would make this repair for their clients for free. This will save you much trouble.

Inspect carefully the ready-made reading glasses you purchase from a drugstore or a pharmacy for defects – scratches, little bubbles in the glass, etc. Properly storing and cleaning your glasses is also important and will help you keep your glasses in a good condition in the next years.

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