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ReadPriceAction Offers Free Forex Price Action Trading Lessons Online


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- Trading on the foreign exchange market (Forex) offers numerous advantages. The market has the largest trading volume of any marketing, decentralised by its global dispersion of assets, and is active 24 hours a day except weekends, worldwide.

Price Action trading is a perfect system for trading in the forex market, where the high level of liquidity leads to volatile prices. The movement of these prices is described as “price action”, which can be understood as the way traders are thinking in relation to the fluctuation of their shares while trading- the main guiding influence on the change in prices.

ReadPriceAction offers a variety of courses in Price Action style trading to initiate new traders or advance intermediates away from algorithmic systems which have proven less successful in so unpredictable a market. The site is soon to release its introductory course for free, allowing total newcomers to get involved in trading on the forex market.

ReadPriceAction’s spokesman said, “the move makes sense to us. If we initiate more new people into doing effective trading on the forex market, they’ll see the value in it and quickly understand why it’s advantageous to advance.”

The site offers a unique way in which to work, learning to read many types of forex signal, instead of the typical indicators that can mislead new traders, by learning the tricks of trading in real market conditions. They have a forex learn trading model that works.

The site places a priority on real-world learning that is directly applicable, moving away from academic approaches and towards a more practical apprenticeship style of learning by doing.

The is also offering an exclusive free professional trading signal sent by email and twitter, giving you up to the minute insights into trading conditions and market fluctuations, allowing you to respond immediately to the market and maximise your gains quickly and effectively.

“The first one hundred applicants can book their places completely free to receive a professional trading signal, giving the latest news on what’s happening in the Forex market. It’s one of the most frequently fluctuating markets to trade in, so this kind of information is at a premium for traders looking to make profits.”

About ReadPriceAction
ReadPriceAction is an initiative developed by two professional traders, one trading in currency and futures who used to be a professional commodity trader before trading for his own account, and one who trades forex and also provides personal wealth management solutions to HNI’s, as a Chartered finance Analyst (CFA). For more information, visit: