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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- House of Cards, roaring to occupy the first place in TV series ranking list. It has achieved the huge success on both the two Seasons. But the questions is how? How did this TV play attract so many televiewers no matter they are common TV potatoes or the famous celebrities such as Brack Obama and Bill Clinton? The answer is definitely “DATA”!

Netflix collects more than 30 million actions of its customers. Fast reverse, pause, and fast forward, every action is recorded into the huge data base. After systematically analyzing, abstract user behaviors are turned into figurative user habit demonstrations. Netflix’s triumphant data mining is what achieves the fame of House of Cards.

See, at this age of big data, grabbing data at the first time and making logical analysis as soon as possible are the most profitable actions in marketing investigation and management. It really doesn’t matter which field companies have set their feet into, retail, restaurant or entertainment. Customer habit analysis is crucial to help them survive from the grim competition.

It’s true that not every company or individual can copy what Netfilx did, since they can’t receive customers’ data directly and conveniently on such an online platform. However, it is an excellent method to gather useful data from a customer satisfaction survey just as most world topped tycoons do. Customers can access to surveys at their easiness while share their laud as well as complaint towards the brand they are interested in.

Readsurvey is an excellent platform where thousands of popular surveys are classified in categories such as Retail, Clothing, Food, and Grocery. It covers most fields and has established large and solid user groups. With detailed step-by-step guidance and pictures in high definition exhibited in every article, frequently asked questions about how to complete a survey will be explained clearly and specifically. Even for those who are green hands of operating a PC, obstacles are removed gradually as they read the articles and follow the instructions of Readsurvey.

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Born to solve survey questions, Readsurvey plays an important role to help build mutually beneficial relationship between companies and their consumers: Consumers can save much time to solve the confusions about the survey and get nearer to the attractive survey prize, while companies will be enabled to receive satisfaction data from those who want to give up the survey since it's too difficult for them to take.