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Ready to Cook Segment Will Witness Fastest Growth in Indian Food Processing Market, Finds New Report

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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2017 -- The Food processing industry of India is a high growth market. Due to the rise in disposable income and emergence of middle class, processed food is finding a lot of demand in the Indian market. There has been established players in the industry like Amul, Nestle, ADF, KRBL, etc. and new players are also entering the industry.

The objective of this research study is to understand the current Food processing market in India and to estimate the growth rate for the next 5 years. The report covers the detailed analysis of 14 companies- their value chain, financial performance, and forecast, Business strategy, SWOT analysis which are involved in production and processing of food and having presence across different regions of the world. The details of the company and certifications are also mentioned in this report.

The Indian food processing industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.49% till the year 2021. The three stages of food processing are primary, secondary and tertiary. Evolving consumer tastes and preference, increase in spending on nutritious and healthy food, Growing nuclear families and working women, changing demographics and rise in disposable income, increase in demand for functional food are the key factors which will drive the growth of this industry.

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This report concludes by analyzing the industry through PESTLE, porters 5 forces and SWOT, discusses the challenges faced by the new players entering the industry and present and future trends observed. Strategic recommendations are also discussed separately and in detail for policy maker, end users, service providers and investors in the report.

The report contains forecast by Level of Processing
- Primary
- Secondary
- Tertiary

Food processing Industry by Type:
- Commodity Based
- Value Based

and Food Processing Industry Forecast by Sector
- Staple Food/Agricultural Produce
- Dairy
- Meat & Poultry
- Fruits & Vegetables
- Packaged Foods
- Beverages & Bakery

Companies Covered in this report are:
1. Nestle India
2. Britannia Industries Ltd.
3. HatsunAgro Product Limited
4. Kwality
5. Foods & Inns
7. Kohinoor Foods
8. Future Consumer
9. Amul
10. Venky's India Ltd.
11. Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.
12. DFM Foods Ltd.
13. Manpasand Beverages Ltd
14. ADF Food Ltd.

Scope of Report

- This report provides a detailed view of Indian food processing market with the current market value as well as projections for future market potential and growth rate.

- This report identifies the need for food processing in India

- This report provides detailed information on the value chain as well as the different market segments and their segment wise market share and growth potential.

- This report provides detailed information on product wise growth forecasts for Indian food processing market globally by 2021.

- This report identifies the growth drivers and inhibitors for Indian food processing market

- This study also identifies policies related to Indian food processing market

- This report identifies various credit, policy and technical risks associated with Indian food processing market.

- This report has detailed profiles of 14 key players in the Indian food processing industry covering their business strategy, financial performance, future forecasts and SWOT analysis

- This report covers in detail the competitive landscape in detail of Indian food processing market.

- This report identifies the key industry bodies and associations and their role in Indian food processing market.

- This report provides PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) analysis for Indian food processing market.

- This report provides porters five forces analysis for Indian food processing market

- This report provides SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for Indian food processing market

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