Joe Bragg Weigh in on Controversial Topic With "Stand Your Ground" Infographic


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- Gun laws in the US have always been amongst the more liberal in the world. The right to bear arms is protected under the second amendment of the Constitution, and many Americans feel safer knowing they are permitted to carry firearms for protection.

Difficulties emerge when particular laws stemming from this amendment vary from state to state, and the recent controversy regarding the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case has made worldwide news. Because of the confusion many feel about the specifics of gun laws in the US, Ready Holster have composed an infographic detailing the state-by-state adoption of Stand Your Ground and related gun laws, as well as corresponding crime statistics to give a better picture of America’s gun politics.

The infographic uses a color-coded demonstration method to explain the three main forms of gun control laws on a state by state basis. States in red have the controversial Stand Your Ground law, where states in amber have the ameliorated “Castle Doctrine”, where gun owners have certain protection when using firearms in their own home, car, or office. States in green urge “retreat when threatened”, and do not protect gun users who discharge their weapons in these situations.

Further breakdowns of crime rates are included in the infographic, including state populations, number of crimes per day happening in the US broken down into a chilling ‘crimes per second’ format, and pie charts of rape and assault figures within the home.

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A spokesperson for the site explained, “We can never really know how much danger we’re in from one minute to the next, but general trends certainly emerge, and while overall crime figures are falling, the number of crimes for which gun use is defensible is still probably surprising to a lot of people. We’ve brought together this information in an easy to understand format so that people know where Stand Your Ground is currently law, and to try and contextualize the information that has brought about this and related legislation. We don’t aim to make a moral judgment, merely present the facts so that those who are interested in the topic after Trayvon Martin can have a fuller picture of the issue.”

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