Real Estate Careers in Minneapolis Given Advanced Branding with Rebrandedagent.com

Top Minneapolis real estate agent networks begins offering cutting edge tools that put local agents at the forefront of MN real estate careers.


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Homegevity, a leader in the Minneapolis real estate market, introduces a new service for real estate agents in the Minneapolis area, Rebrandedagent.com (http://www.rebrandedagent.com). Rebrandedagent.com allows seasoned agents and new agents to get access to the forefront of their local market, with cutting edge branding, exposure and lead generation tools. Founded by Homegevity's founder, Jeff Lunquist, Rebrandedagent.com uses the same technology which helped Jeff Lunquist and Homegevity achieve a billion dollars in real estate sales.

The Homegevity website can be accessed at http://www.homegevity.com

With real estate markets around the Minnesota area demonstrating the first germination of renewed growth, many people are taking a professional interest in real estate jobs in Minneapolis. The toughest period of a real estate career is at the beginning, when an agent first goes after buyers. Rebrandedagent.com views their technology as the perfect market positioner, using reliable niche marketing designs and strategies to put the agent at the cutting edge of their local real estate market by giving him or her Internet branding tools that demonstrate expertise in real estate and access to all points of the local market.

Rebrandedagent.com (http://www.rebrandedagent.com) will provide Homegevity's tested Internet marketing technology to create personalized branding, gain exposure in the agent's local market, and acquire buyer leads and buyer showing requests. Jeff Lundquist describes just how much he can do for real estate agents in the Minneapolis area, "No other broker in the country can brand you as a local real estate expert the way I can with Homegevity's technology. Rebrandedagent.com is for those agents who are ready to stand out in front of every other agent in their market."

About Homegevity
Jeff Lundquist was born and raised in Minnesota. Early in his life he learned the principles which provided the foundation of his entrepreneurship. At the age of 20 years old he owned a car dealership, and developed a love of restoring 1960's era classic cars. The core fundamentals of business learned during this period of his career led him to found what has become one of the largest real estate networks in Minnesota, Homgevity.

Those interested in MN real estate careers with Homegevity (http:/www.homegevity.com) are encouraged to give them a call or send an email to careers@homegevity.com.

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