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Real Estate for Sale in Bulgaria Has Been Phenomenal over the Past Few Years


Varna, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- Recent studies indicate that real estate for sale in Bulgaria has been on the rise nationally. The areas which have witnessed the most increase in property sales are the resort communities and major urban cities which are both heavily populated. The growth of property investment firms is part of the driving force behind consumer’s interest in Bulgaria.

According to a research team at Accent Invest, the mountainous region of Bulgaria hasn’t been as fortunate as the rest of the country, but real estate sales in the region remain constant. Accent Invest is a real estate firm that specializes in Bulgarian property for consumers and real estate investors.

The company offers real estate for sale in Bulgaria and maintains a website dedicated to providing information about the country as well as real estate listings. Bulgarian property listings can be found on this webpage: http://www.accentinvest.com/index.php?lang=en Accent Invest employees update the company’s website several times a week, often every day so there are always fresh listings for homebuyers.

“I just want to say thanks for all the information you guys have on this website. My new girlfriend is from Bulgaria and I’ve been thinking about buying a condo out there. I spent about four hours on your site and I think I’m up to speed on Bulgarian culture and home prices.” – Benjamin Rivera

Real estate investors and consumers who are interested in performing research on properties that are for sale in Bulgaria are encouraged to visit the Accent Invest website. Listings include single family homes, condominiums, plots, warehouses, and businesses for sale. The website also contains local news headlines which is perfect for people who want to learn about the major issues facing the country every day.

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