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Real estate internet marketing includes blogging


Dalton, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- For those people who are not familiar with real estate internet marketing but still want to give it a shot, InterAgent can be of help. According to InterAgent, real estate internet marketing is basically local traffic that is driven by buyers for homes. In order to make buyers notice the plot or homes for sale, the first thing that an online real estate marketer should keep in mind is to cover local keywords which people use to search.

To identify the keywords and to know the exact number of searches for those keywords, people doing internet real estate marketing can use the Google keyword tool and its ‘Exact’ option. “Real estate internet marketing includes blogging” says InterAgent adding that blog posts and articles should be created, after identifying what people are looking to buy for in a particular area. Including the keywords in the blog titles would make it appear in searches related to the keywords.

“The idea is to get the articles to the first page of search results, as 75% search engine users only check the first page of results” states the company. To aid in Internet marketing, InterAgent offers a new service called Social Blazon. According to the company, consistency is the key to success and if contents are published online consistently, even small business owners and insurance agents will get noticed. InterAgent’s Social Blazon is a reputation marketing system targeting the potential clients of the company’s customers. Articles and optimized videos are posted strategically in areas where clients are looking for information. This will eventually develop a good reputation for InterAgent’s customers.

“Social Blazon includes services like Press release writing and submission, video creation and marketing, professionally writing local content and submitting them to targeted niche blogs” explains the company adding that Social Blazon will keep rotating the services in the above order each month. The service evidently makes internet marketing easier, as it aids the customers in developing a reputation and increasing their exposure. Interested people can visit the website and sign up to use the Social Blazon service for a monthly price of just $89.95.

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Founded by Chris Waller, an experienced mortgage originator, in 2010, InterAgent acts as platform connecting agents and consumers directly, eliminating the need for middle men. Another advantage is that the consumers won’t be bothered by multiple agents. Committed to customer service and product innovation, InterAgent evolves with the ever changing marketing strategies.